Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Gift takes time

So, the first Yule I was here I went on a walk in early December looking for a pine cone for my first Yule altar. There is this tall pine tree on my way to the Lake that has large pine cones at the top. You know, those really large ones that you buy in the store with glitter and cinnamon on them? I paused and gave thanks for her and then asked if she would kindly drop one of her cones for me to add to my altar. I did this every day until Winter Solstice and never was there a cone under the tree.

I have done that the past three winters. And when a cone never was found under the tree or even around the tree I figured that she did not want me to have a cone. So, this year I bought a bag of cones from the store and put them around the apartment and planned to put one on my Yule altar, but when I put my Yule altar up I didn't put one of those on it.

Last week before going to NYC with my sister, which was a blast by the way, I took my usual walk around the apartment complex and down to the Lake. As I passed the pine tree I gazed up at the numerous cones adorning the top of the tree! There were so many and I was happy to see them but this year I did not ask or desire one of the cones. I just stood in amazement at this tree and the cones holding on so tightly.

And then I looked down under the tree and there it was!!!!! A perfectly formed pine cone nestled right by the trunk of the tree in a pile of leaves from the oaks standing beside her. I must say it took me a minute as I was caught off guard. There was a cone! I hadn't even asked this year and there it was.

Aren't the best gifts like that: hoped for and desired and then when you stop asking and desiring it shows up at just the right time?

Now, here was the problem. The tree sits below the path to the Lake which meant I had to get off the path and carefully walk down a very slight incline to get to this cone! I paused, trying to decide whether I wanted to try to get the cone and chance sliding in the leaves down the hill! I paused, wondering if I even got to the cone if I would be able to get safely back up to the path. I paused and gazed up at this magnificent tree who had a gift right under the her but now I had to trust myself and her enough to go and get it!

One of the branches from the oak beside her was reaching out for me to grab hold of as I carefully went to get the Gift! I got there safely and then took a deep breath as I realized I now had to get back up to the road. Now, it really wasn't far but the ground was covered with leaves which were slick and I am not always as sure footed as I once was. But there was the arm of the oak tree waiting for me to grab hold and up I went with my Gift in my hand!!!!!

She is perfect! I thanked the Pine Tree for the gift and all I heard was Remember!

I continued my walk to the Lake and sat on the swing with The Gift in my hand. Remember?

And there it was as always; a message in the Gifts that Gaia has all along our path.

I needed to Remember that just asking for something did not mean it was time for it to come into my life.
I needed to Remember that expecting something to be delivered in my time was expecting the Universe to never have my best interests in mind.
I needed to Remember that some Gifts take time to come to me and that it is the child-like waiting that is as precious as the Gift.
I needed to Remember that the Surprise is the icing on the Cake of Life!

But most of all I needed to Remember that most of the wonderful Gifts of our Lives are nestled just off the Path we have chosen to Travel. And when we see them, we must trust that the Gift is meant for us, but it means accepting the call to come off that Path for a Time to receive the Gift Goddess has waiting for us! 

And when I am afraid to step off that path, there will always be someone/something else to reach out a helping hand so I am not afraid! A helping hand (or branch in this case) to help me stay up right and give me that bit of trust I so desperately need to grab hold of the Gift just out of my reach on the Path I am on!

So, that is my Gift story as we enter this holiday time of Gift giving and receiving! There are messages wrapped up in them all! Some come with ribbons and shiny paper, some come in the mail and some are snuggled in that pretty bag!

And some are under a Pine Tree!

Blessed be and Happy Yule!


  1. beautiful!!! ask and it is given!!! always!! and in all ways....♥

  2. Very encouraging! Thank you for sharing!