Thursday, April 10, 2014

Life after Death?

So, my older cousins were visiting my parents last week. They are Mormons. An interesting religion indeed and we have had many many conversations around what they believe, how they worship and where they think they go after they die. That was when I was a Christian.

Since leaving the Christian Tradition, they have not seemed to want to ask me questions or have discussions around what I now believe, so I was not in the conversation they had with my Mom about what happens after we die.

On my walk yesterday, I began really thinking about what I Believe Happens after I take my last Breath in this Garden. When I was a Christian, I had problems with the whole: we die and our soul goes to live with Jesus where we wait until Judgement Day. You see even all those years I had a struggle with the whole "Judgement Day" concept. When I left that Tradition, I spoke of Summerland and of Reincarnation, Past Lives, etc. There was still this belief that something is Next for me when I take my last Breath.

On my walk, it hit me how as Human Beings we spend most of our life trying to keep Death at Bay. We try so hard to Stay in this Garden no matter how good or bad our Lives are Here cause the thought of "Death" is just too much to handle I guess. So we make up Stories as to what lies in the Beyond. We speak of beautiful fields to run in, or banquet tables, or singing with angels, or waiting to be put into another body but while waiting we get to walk down golden paved roads and sing and dance! And really if that makes Letting go of the Fear of Dying then that is Wonderful.

Ok, so I asked myself, "Self, where do you stand on this issue of what happens After?"

I stopped, looked around and Knew that I Knew that I Knew that I no longer Think about the Afterlife. I don't Choose how I Live because one Day there will be this Judgement Day and I will have to explain all my Actions to the Divine.

Nope, I don't dwell in the Unknown any  more. And that is Comforting to me. I really don't care what happens after I take my last Breath of the Air in this Garden. What I realized is that thinking and worrying about the Afterlife only uses Energy that we are to Use here in This Life; whether it is the Only or the One of Many. Some External Story of Facing god has so many all tied up that they can't do the Good that we are to do Here and Now.

But you see, telling People that there is this Judgement Day is a part of the Power and Control. You see, it is all about realizing that we are horrible people really, full of sin, and the only way to not have more of the terrible painful life we already have when we die (i.e. hell), is to go by the rules/doctrine/dogma of the religion and be Saved! The Leaders, dead or alive, of the "religion" have the answers, have the direct conversation with the Deity in question so you are either in or out which means always thinking about what happens afterwards and if you will pass the Judgement Test when you get there.

Way too much Energy spent on the Unknown, if you ask me. But that is just me.

There are lots of Promises made about the Hereafter: rejoining Relatives who have gone before us; seeing the beloved Pets that went before us too; and most of all we will not have to come back Here to this Painful, Horrible Place called Earth.

What a Shame really. Maybe if we all paid more attention to what it means "To Do No Harm," Earth wouldn't be such a Terrible Place to live. Maybe if we really took care of the Garden then we wouldn't have so many Dis-eases. Maybe, just maybe, if we Gave Up all Power and Control and looked at our Neighbor with non-judgmental eyes; coveting what they have or hating what they have that we don't have or we don't like; Maybe Just Maybe we would be Happy and Contented and not have to spend money we don't have to gather Stuff all around us which we can't take with us anyway. But most of all Maybe there would be no more Hunger, no more Poverty, no more Abuse and Neglect.

So, that's the answer I would have given to my Cousins and my Parents. What do I believe happens when I die? I really don't Care because I am living the Best I can right now. I am Caring for my Neighbor with what I have and I am Speaking up for those Without a Voice who "religion" has convinced they have to give them all their Money so this Afterlife will be one bang up Party! I just don't spend the Energy Thinking About What is Going to Happen.

You see, I only have so much Energy, and I want to use it Drinking in every bit of the Gifts from the Goddess! I want to use my Energy to hug a co-worker who has been demeaned by a vindictive and hurtful Manager at work. I want to use my Energy, loving my Kids, loving my Family, loving my Facebook Friends, sending Cards, walking in the Forest, Hooping, etc etc etc.

Yep....I got too much to do Here to worry about There!

And I do like Surprises!

Blessed be! 


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    1. Thank you Raven Spirit Song! I am so happy to have you along for the ride! Love you!

  2. Goddess I love you Sunshine! That just made so.much sense to me and I. Raised Jewish where they don't believe much in an afterlife..ashes to ashes dust to dust...least that was what my Grandfather told me.

    I told him I do believe we continue and I personally believe in reincarnation because I KNOW we have past lives and the Great Recycling makes sense to me. Also because there are too many womyn I've lived and known and looked into their eyes and KNOW we were together or had a connection before...

    But as a place of repose. ..Personally I'm going to the Planet of Womyn. .which came to me in a powerful Vision one Hallowmas ritual..and its a place I've visited now and then. A very empowering place!; The womyn are totally accepting and have never known fear or victimization. .just caring and deep love for one another..A true Sisterhood..

  3. And I told my beloved Jewish grandfather that I do believe in life after death and that I very much wanted him to come and visit me after he passed on...and he and my grandmother do in my dreams. A great Continuity...

    1. I am so glad your relatives visit you in your dreams. What a wonderful gift. I know that I too have had past lives (three that I know of), so I am not ruling out anything, just not spending time either there or there! But it is fun to think about and discuss at times. But you know I watch my parents, friends and my Mormon cousins spending so much time in the Afterlife that they really forget that they have stuff to do here! But good for them I guess. Thanks for comments and stopping by! Hugs

  4. Thank you for this, Sunshine Fae! I so agree with your point that if we give too much energy to "what happens next", we miss the whole point of our being here in this human form on this earth NOW. A misuse of our energies for sure.

  5. Oh Diane, thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. I am glad this resonated with you too! Blessed be!

  6. Thank you for writing down exactly how I feel! I didn't realize it till I read this post. It is precisely the way I think. I'm concentrating on doing the best I can while here in this glorious garden we call earth. I have seen you in action and I know you stand by everything you say and live your life in a grand way. I hope a lot of people read this great post!

  7. Thank you so much for reading and commenting Cheryl! Your words fill my heart this day and every day! You do, my dear goddess sister, walk a path of integrity and kindness and generosity! Blessed be and Aho! Love you!