Saturday, June 7, 2014

This is What Sisterhood Looks Like!

This morning I was on my walk and noticed an older woman walking slowly in front of me. I noticed that every now and then she would lift her glasses and wipe under her eyes. A sure sign she was crying.

As I passed her, I slowed down and asked if she was ok. She could not talk, but continued to cry silently. I waited until she got her herself together and she began to talk.

Her best friend, Cindy's, Mom lives in my complex and had a stroke last week and she is unable to live alone any longer. Patty and Cindy have been friends since they were 12 years old and now they are both 66. Patty lives in Oklahoma and Cindy in Texas. So when Patty got the call, she hopped on a plane, flew to Texas and then drove to South Carolina with Cindy to help her make decisions for her Mom.

This is what Sisterhood looks like.

The choice of Mom being here in a nursing home is out as she does not qualify (makes too much in Social Security...not sure I knew that was possible, but anyway...). The cost for assisted living is not affordable either.

So two options are now on the table: Mom goes home with Patty and lives in the mother-in-laws apartment. Or she goes home with her daughter, Cindy and she finds assisted living in Texas. Then the question is whether to fly her to either place or to drive her. Lots of considerations on the Table.

This is what Sisterhood looks like.

Patty said she got up with a heavy heart and decided to walk outside to see if she could hear God's will. She spoke a lot about trusting in God, God's plans, etc. I knew from her language she was Christian.

After she talked for awhile, I asked if I could pray with her. She was so thankful; and there in the middle of the street two Sisters, having only just randomly met, prayed to the Divine for clear discernment.

This is what Sisterhood looks like.

After the prayer, Patty asked me, "What church do you belong to?" Now, I knew this was not the time or place to disclose to this woman that she had just been prayed for by a witch. So I said, "I do not go belong to a church here." She was shocked and said, "oh but you must!" I told her I was raised Lutheran, but felt that "God" had told me to find "him" in nature right now.

She then began to tell me she had been Southern Baptist and she and her husband were now Nazarene and how much Bible Study they do and how I really needed to go to church.

She then said this while pointing her finger at me, "The reason we must go to church is so that God can reprimand us, teach us and let us know that what we are doing is not right. We can do what we want for 6 days, but on Sunday is the time we have to go to church so God can get right in our face and straighten us out."

From her point of view I guess this is what Sisterhood looks like. She cared about my right living.

I smiled and told her that I really was glad that we had this Divine Appointment and that I would keep her and her friend and her mother in my heart and I knew that God would show them the right path to take. She hugged me and we said good bye.

This IS what Sisterhood looks like.

Two women sharing an intimate moment in the middle of the street in the Forest! Right there in the midst of the Divine and all that was fresh and green and lush! I know she was sure I was a Christian and that is ok; it is part of my heritage. What is important is that in this moment I listened to Goddess and stopped to help a Sister who needed to talk to someone not connected with her situation; someone who was there in a sweaty tank top  and shorts, who paid attention to the signs of another Sister. And it was important to me that she Honored me by inviting me into her Story. That is Trust.

That is what Sisterhood looks like!

I came home and placed a ribbon on the Prayer Trellis for each of them. I know that these two Sisters not related by blood will make the best decision for Cindy's mom. How do I know?

That is what Sisterhood looks like!

Blessed be!


  1. This is 16 kinds of wonderful, Sunshine Fae! I love and embrace you!

  2. You did the right thing. Its difficult to keep from not making a comeback statement when pressed as you were with someone else's virtues. You held strong yet you dit not compromise your beliefs. Bravo once again!