Saturday, October 4, 2014

Why I don't like Day Light Saving Time!

Oh how wonderful it is to welcome October! It is by far my most favorite month and time of the year! I love Autumn! Everything about it! I love the cool temperatures returning, the frost on the ground, the leaves falling from the trees, the smell of new fires, the oranges and reds, pumpkins, witches, goblins, apple cider and apples, etc etc etc!

I love how Autumn moves into Winter and that is my 2nd favorite time of the year. For me there is something about hibernation, darkness, cold and rest that has always called my name.

Oh, sorry, the title of this blog is Why I don't like Day Light Saving Time!

Ok, so on November 2nd in the US of A we "fall back" an hour. It means resetting clocks, both external and internal. It means getting an "extra" hour of sleep; getting to Sunday activities early and it means an hour earlier of darkness at night. Yep....we "fall back" in the Autumn and "spring forward" in the Spring. Gotta love semantics!

It takes me months to set my internal clock. When I am walking at 5:30am, I begin thinking how it is really 6:30am or is it 4:30am. No, it's 6:30am, or at least it was the day before. But now, "someone" told me that now it would be 5:30 am for 6 months and then it would be back to 6:30am.

Reminds me of the Chicago song: "Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is?"

What it is is Power and Control! Now before you say, "Again? Come on Deb, not every thing is about Power and Control! It's just DLST!" Before you say that hear me out.

Someone, well really a man named George Hudson from New Zealand, proposed the idea in 1895. Yep...some guy was just sitting around and thought, "Damn, what else can we men control? Hmmm....we can't control the weather or how the earth turns on it's axis or when the sun comes up and when it sets so let's see....Hey, we can decided what time it is! And then yes indeed we actually decide what time the sun comes up and sets."

WE WILL DECIDE WHAT TIME IT IS! Now, yes, man created "time" as we know it. There have been ways to "know" the time and dates for ever so long; our current calendar being created by good ol' Julius Caesar. Did you know that the one of the oldest inventions by man is the clock? Instruments trying to capture this natural phenomenon called Time!

Now, I love love love calendars and clocks. But darn it, just leave the Time as it is. Don't keep trying to control how much sunlight or darkness we have to endure. Don't make me try to set an internal clock that is so in touch with nature that it does respond to the changes in a profound way; messed up sleep, a biggie.

You see, it's all about Power and Control! Someone tells us that we HAVE to turn our clocks to the "new" time. But if you live in Arizona for example you don't even have DLST and so your time is  different from anther place in the same Time Zone who do in fact have to change their clocks. Sorry but that is just too weird and too confusing.

Yep...Power and Control over that which we have no Power and Control. We cannot determine the time that the Sun Rises; She rises in Her Time. I don't care if "they" say it is 6am or 7am! It just messes with my head!

And as we all is ALL about me!

I am going to begin a petition saying we need to leave a day off the calendar every once in awhile. Oh wait...we already do that too; it's called Leap Year. Yep, that stinks too! But that will be another blog for another time!

All this being said, I am going to bed at 11pm for a month and then all of sudden I will be going to bed at 10pm. But it will feel like 11pm for for many months. And I will be mad that my head can't seem to get it together and convince the rest of my body that what it thought was one time for 6 months is now another time. And just when my body gets it.......

It is time to Spring Forward!

PS: And help me understand....If this isn't power and control I don't know what is!!!! Who in fact is Saving all the Daylight and where is it when Iceland is in it's 4 hours of sunshine? They could use it!

Later Gators!

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  1. Having moved to Arizona this past April, my friends and family are all dealing with the fact that part of the year I am one hour behind them, and the rest of the year I am 2 hours behind. I agree with you, dst messes with my inner clock, too!