Wednesday, November 18, 2015

In Letting Go, Love Flows Most Freely

Life is full of Letting Go's!

When I was pregnant with my children, I grieved and rejoiced in the Letting Go, as they left the safety of my womb. The Cord was cut and I had to Let Go of it being only Us.

The first day of Day Care, I had to Let Go, as someone else was going to be raising my child during the day while I was at work. 

And then it was the First Day of Preschool, Kindergarten, Middle School, High School and College. There was the first day they took the car out by themselves; the first dance, date and first Scout badge, first swim meet and first week away camp. 

Life is full of Letting Go's! 

It is how we do the Letting Go's that is important. You see, all the Letting Go's are both Dying and Living times. We grieve the Letting Go of what is, for what will be. We grieve the little boy becoming a young man and then an adult. We grieve the little girl becoming a young woman and then an adult. We grieve as they pack up their things and move into their first apartment. 

But if we rejoice in all of this Letting Go, we send our children off with the greatest blessings on earth. We tell them that we honor that the Journey is their own and not ours. We are just invited along for the ride, or not! 

Life is full of Letting Go's! 

I think tho' what is the hardest is when it comes to Letting Go of someone as they make their Transition from this world to the next. This Letting Go carries burdens that we cannot be prepared for. How we do this Letting Go is a blessing to both our loved one and to ourselves. 

Many of us even hold on to Life as if in doing that we will live forever.

We don't do Letting Go well in this culture. We are taught to hang on to everything; our money, our possessions, our traditions, our family and our beliefs. We hang on to all of these because they are familiar. 

So, as I watch the Leaves Fall from the Trees, I wonder what we are to learn? The Tree births beautiful flowers and leaves in the Spring, uses them for nesting birds and for shade and most definitely to provide us oxygen! And yet, most trees then enter the Season of Letting Go. The Tree pulls back the nourishment to the leaves so their brilliance can come forth and then they must fall to the ground. To become one with the ground, give back to the ground, decay and provide nourishment to the tree for the next season's birthing. It's a Cycle you see. 

And so is our Letting Go! I have learned of late that it is In the Letting Go, that Love Flows Most Freely. When I no longer "hold on" I am free to Love deeply and unconditionally. I give because I want to, not because I think it is what I should do or must do. I say good bye with a genuine longing in my heart for the next hello. In the Letting Go, my Love for another flows most freely.

Letting Go is hard, frustrating, full of grief and loss. It is why we hold on so tightly. For you see, when we actually Let Go, we are giving up our need for Power and Control. In Letting Go, Love Flows Most Freely. 

I Let Go of a lot this Year with much struggle and trepidation. What would my life look like when I finally Let Go of all that needed to be Let Go of. I discovered that it looks like 

                                              Love Flowing Freely. 

Blessed be! 



  1. love your thoughts on letting go sis!! and by letting go we make room for more love light and energy to flow to and through is a circle that must be traveled!! and that is how we manifest the magick!!! BB <*)

    1. thank you once again for your Wise Words Raven Spirit Song! We manifest magick indeed in this way! Blessed be and thank you for reading my blog! Love and Light!

  2. Letting go is one of the most difficult things I have ever done. Letting go of most things is ok with me, even letting go of my b-dazle car. Letting go of a loved one-a person who was irreplacable to me-my beautiful son-probably may never happen. Still, I read and will re-read your beautiful words.

    1. Oh my dear Healing Woman. I thought of you as I wrote these words. I believe that there are some people we won't ever let go of. But what we can let go of is the grief and loss that keeps us immobilized and unable to shine the Light of this beloved person into the world. You, my dear Spirit Sister, have begun to do that again. I know he rests well knowing you are creating again, blessing people, and honoring his memory in all the ways that you do. He was too much a part of your creative soul, for him not to want you to go on! You will never let go of your son... not ever.... but you will let go of of the grief and loss that kept you trapped for awhile. Blessings and love dear sister of mine! Hamaste!