Friday, July 22, 2016

Grieving is like a Dark Cloak

Grieving is like a dark cloak; both smothering and comforting. For many it will be the first time they find themselves cloaked in a dark and unforgiving world from which they never seem to wake up. For many it is the comfort of a familiar; calling them cloak and heal. And for some it is the Cloak of Fear and and Terror. And yet, at some time, we must all put on this Cloak of Grief. 

I saw it in different forms this morning in the ICU where I volunteer! The Dark Cloak surrounded a Family who sobbed as they stood vigil with the man they loved as he took his last breath. The Dark Cloak surrounded friends who were told that the person they had gone to dinner with just 2 days before, was on life support and would not live. I also saw the Cloak of Grief as a Family Cried, Laughed and praised their God for their loved one was finally out of pain and misery in her death! 

I also watched as a woman donned this Cloak of Grief following the news that her husband would be going home today and she would have to give up her job to be his full time caretaker. She was going to file divorce papers last week when he became critically ill. She now feels responsible to be by his side for an indefinite period of time. 

How long will I feel like this? You will feel like this until you no longer do. Everyone is different; every situation is unique and every cloak is needed for as long as it takes.

Don't be willing to give up the Cloak too quickly. Don't leave it hanging on the rack ignoring the call to put it on! 

Embrace the Cloak, savor the Cloak, live in the Cloak. 

And one day, the Cloak will have tucked itself into a drawer for future use. And you will breathe knowing that it will not be the last time you will need the Cloak, but you will rest knowing that the Cloak did not smother you, strangle you or kill you. The Cloak was your Dark Necessary Companion. 

Blessed be! 

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