Sunday, September 25, 2016

Changing my name legally and the interesting thoughts insuing!

I want to legally change my name!

It has been heavy on my heart of late and has been for quite awhile.

Of course, I have changed my last name twice! I couldn't wait to get married so I could change my last name. It still makes me laugh, because I was a feminist even then, who never wanted to take the last name of my husband, but I wanted to get so far away from my maiden name that I was willing to do so.

Then when I got divorced, I couldn't wait to get rid of the married name and took back my maiden name. Upon telling the ex to expect the name change in the divorce papers I was filing, he said, "Good, my last name is too good for you!" Whatever asshole!

This week, I began looking into the legal process of changing my entire name.
I then reacquainted myself with everything I would have to do to change my name on all the legal paperwork; birth certificate, social security, credit cards, medical, etc. What I wasn't prepared for was the next thoughts:

1. This would upset my parents cause they put a lot of thought into naming me. (well really, my mom wanted to name me Angelique Rebecca, but dad said NO, and as a result I was named after Debra Padgett, the actress, along with a million other 1952 girls!)
2. Do I just let those who have known me as Debbie my whole life continue to call me that or do I insist they call me by my new name?
3. Will this cause issues in my parent's will?
4. Why do I care?

Why do I care? Why do I care what  my name is? Does it define me? Am I really that pissed at my family of origin that I want to rid myself of the name given to me at birth?

My  mother wanted to name me Angelique. I did not know this until I wanted to name my daughter Angelique and the husband/father would not allow it. The interesting thing is: the first time I ever heard this name was in Dark Shadows! I was totally enthralled with the Witch Angelique and dreamed of being her, having her name,  and her powers! To this day, she "haunts" me with those beautiful eyes! I was already wearing my eye make up like hers before this show even came on!

During a Reike session in Virginia, without knowing all this name history stuff, the master said, "Your higher spirit was present today, she hovered over your Crown Chakra. Does the name Angelique mean anything to you?" I was astounded and told her the Story!

I want to legally change my name:

I want to legally change my name to Angelique Autumn!

I guess for legal purposes it would be Angelique as my first name and Autumn as my last. I do not want to be Angelique Autumn Hillman!

I want my own name that I think I was always meant to have. Sunshine Fae is my witchy name and it describes me to a tee, but there is something that calls to me in a Deep Soul way, saying Angelique Autumn is MY name. It is the name I should have had all along!

So, that is my current dilemma.

The next chapter to be written sooner than later!

Blessed be!


  1. Welcome Back, Angelique Autumn. I never changed your name in my address book! ;-)