Monday, September 26, 2016

Name change update!

This Black Moon has been powerful for me. It is bringing change and transformation. I am feeling it in my Deep Soul work.

Of course, having Aquarius Rising Sun does not help! I tend to become restless when I am not being challenged or finding my Present stimulating and challenging. I travel the past and the future very well, but have a hard time staying in the Present.

That being said! I am ready to begin the process of legally changing my name as I wrote in my last blog post. BUT, will sit with it until the first of the year! (If I can stand it!)

I am blessed with a most insightful and intelligent daughter. She called me last night after she finished work (11:30pm) and we talked until the wee hours of the morning about many things, but mainly my desire to change my name.

She asked questions that made me really think about why this has become important to me and then made a most amazing suggestion.

It concerned her that I was going to just be Angelique Autumn. She really felt like there needed to be a "last name." She had listened to the story I talked about in the last blog post.

This is what she said: "Mom, you keep talking about that you wish Grandma had used the name McGowan too in your name. That sounds very Celtic and also quite pagan. What do you think of Angelique Autumn McGowan!"

I was stopped in my tracks.

That was it! That was the missing piece!

So, I went to my ancestry chart to make sure I was spelling McGowan right as Stephanie began researching meanings, family crests, etc.

Now, there are 2 Rebecca's in my ancestor tree. I thought the maternal Rebecca was indeed the McGowan. NOPE.... my maternal Grandfather's mother is Rebecca McGowan. Her father is Daniel who came directly from Ireland.

I took pause as I am sure you can see where I immediately went: oh crap.... this is from my mom's paternal tree, but then realized that the name is still from the maternal side of the lake! whew! haha!

Stephanie and I had a blast reading about the family crests and coat of arms. The name derives from "son of the blacksmith". The crest has the Lion and the Boar (both in my animal pantheon). The meanings of the symbols on the crest are full of community, peace and protection messages.

So there you have it: one day I will indeed bear the name:

Angelique Autumn McGowan

Yep, me and the Witch Angelique do look a lot alike! 
I think it is time! 

Peace out! 



  1. Wow, you do look a lot like her... will have to get used to new name. Very meaningful and lots of thought went into it! Love you, Donna Westgate

    1. Hey there Donna! thank you for reading my blog and for commenting. There is so much more to this story that I just was not ready to put into my blog but will soon. But to let you know, it is just no longer possible for me to carry the patriarchal last name of Hillman. Love you!

  2. Ok if your name is Debra and I call you Debbie, if you change to Angelique I will call you Angie! Whatever name you want to call yourself, I will call you Sister! Love You! Lori

    1. You will always be able to call me what you want! love you sister of mine!