Thursday, September 8, 2016


This is how the most Ancient Texts speak of Persephone. Queen of the Underworld. Alone on the Throne, not standing or sitting beside Hades. 

In Goddess Times, there was no King of Hades! There was only most lovely and powerful Persephone, Maiden of the Triple Goddess! Daughter of Demeter! Granddaughter of Hekate! 

Persephone came to me during my meditations this week to tell me exactly this. But She had more to reveal! 

The Ancient HerStory tells us that Persephone did indeed spend 6 months with the Dead and 6 months with the Living. She tended the Dead in the Underworld with Love and Compassion, Understanding and Protection. She appointed those who would help Souls arrive upon Death and appointed those who would help Souls move on to their final destination or to their next Life in Gaia's Garden. 

Then when it was Time, Persephone left them in charge and She journeyed to Gaia's Garden where She meets Her Mother for the Time of Planting and Birthing. 

Persephone then dances in the Garden, planting seeds, calling the leaves to sprout and the flowers to bloom. She continued to do this while Her Mother, Demeter, birthed! 

Then when it was Time, Hekate, walked back to the Underworld Entrance with Persephone, and they said their good-byes. With this, the Garden Rested! And Darkness fell over the Garden not as a Time of Sadness, but as a Time of Rest, Renewal and Fallowness. 

Perfection and Balance! 

But then the patriarchal religions began to permeate Gaia's Garden and with it came the need to destroy the Goddess and Her Power. The Ancient HerStories were altered bringing with it violence, hate and power and control.

No longer was there balance! Now the Underworld had a King who arrived into the Garden and kidnapped the Maiden Persephone, and raped Her, making Her his own! Of course, Demeter was distraught and as punishment (also a patriarchal idea) brought "winter" to the Garden and everyone and everything suffered. 

But alas, good ol' boy Hades did in fact make a deal (power and control) and "allowed" Persephone to spend 6 months with Her Mama and Grandmother. The very act of Hades "allowing" his wife to visit the Garden was what made everyone and everything happy! Not Persephone! 

As such, Balance was not restored and the story became all about Power and Control/Grief and Loss, and less about the Way of the Goddess and Her beautiful Plan! 

During my Journey with Persephone, She then told me this:
"I, Persephone, embody both the Dark and the Light, just as we all do."

Persephone showed me that as the Maiden of the Triple Goddess, She is the Caretaker of the Springs and Winters of our Lives. She is both the Dark Moon and the New Moon. She is the Sun Rising and the Sun Setting. She is the Beginning and the End.

Persephone’s Story is one of Fertility and Death. This makes Her very unique in the Triple Goddess archetype.

Most important, She told me, is that She does this by Her own Free Will. 

From this, all Womyn must re-member that we all have this Free Will. It is in re-claiming our Free Will that we will cease to be caught in the Story that is written for Us instead of by Us! 

For the Northern Hemisphere, Persephone is beginning Her Journey with Her Grandmother to the Underworld Entrance. This is a sweet Good-bye; no veil of sadness and grief falls overs the Garden. They both breathe a breath of Completion and Gratitude for the opportunity to let Gaia's Garden rest. 

So much to glean from the way HerStory is meant to be read! 

Let it soak into your very Being and watch as we then learn to rejoice both in the Dark Moon and New Moon Times of our lives. 

And may we honor and adore Persephone as She makes this magickal Journey! 

Blessed be! 




  1. herstory sooooo much better!!! and the truth will set us free!!! <3

  2. It will indeed Raven Spirit Song! Thank you for reading and commenting! Blessed be and love dear sister!