Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Peaceful Dragon

I have been in a time of Deep Soul Work of late. As I look back over my life journey, I seem to do this work as Mabon approaches. This time has been life altering and revealing in a most significant way. The revelations will have to wait as they are still bubbling away in the Cauldron, but I do want to share my experience from last night.

I have decided that it is time for me to take Tai Chi and/or Yoga. I am finding it so difficult to center and as I age I want to regain the flexibility I have lost. I often drive by a place called: The Peaceful Dragon and decided to call them yesterday. The woman I spoke with told me they offer Tai Chi, Yoga and the Martial Arts. Their classes are based on Ancient Oriental spirituality and technique. She set me up for a tour and a free class last night.

Here is my experience.

The building is set on 12 acres of wooded land and has an outside sense of peace and tranquility; flowing waterfall into a beautiful pond with Koi and water lilies. As I opened the large door a sign said: "Welcome to The Peaceful Dragon Deb Hillman!" There was green tea beside a wooden bench in front of the front desk. A huge Buddha sat beside the bench along with beautiful Oriental ornamental wall hangings, etc.

Peaceful dragon it was not!

A kid's Kung Fu class was going on in the large room and many parents were sitting and standing talking loudly. A man approached me and begin talking about the Libertarian Candidate and how horrible Hillary is and how he will vote for Trump. I quietly walked away.

I passed a room with a large sign saying "LEAVE SWORDS OUTSIDE!"

Finally, George, one of the instructors, took me into a very small room and began the "interview" process. They hand select who can come into this school.We talked about why I want Tai Chi and Yoga  and my past and present experiences with martial arts. I did a lot of listening as he did A LOT of talking about the Chinese philosophy of preparing for battle. He gave me history and rationale for why it is important for us to be "prepared". I kept thinking, "wait... I wanted to learn to center and be flexible".

With all this being said, the free class I was taking, was George showing me two Tai Chi poses and having me do them a few times. He then told me that I would take 2 Tai Chi classes a week and could take up to 4 Yoga classes for the cost of $200 a month for 1 year. I had to sign a year contract which had no way to get out of it, as this is a school. There is required clothing and also periodic tests to see if I could advance to the next level.

Holy shit.... All I wanted to do was run out! There was no sense of peaceful anything. There was only the Patriarch Mind Set of Battle, Testing, and lots of money. The noise in the facility was incredible.

I guess I just have a different idea of someplace called Peaceful Dragon. This is a wonderful place I am sure and the classes may be in fact peaceful when they aren't throwing swords, etc. But it is not for me.

So, I stopped by the local YMCA and got a free week to try their yoga classes. Then I will get a Tai Chi DVD and watch it on my new Smart TV.

As I was reflecting on the "dad" approaching me to trash Hilary, I began to laugh: oh what a sense of humor the Universe has! Ok, so I get it... I am not suppose to be here, but really???? I didn't even have  my I hate Trump shirt on! I didn't wear my Fuck Patriarchy Tank Top! It was just me and my simple shorts and top!

Peaceful Dragon..... what ever! maybe there isn't any such thing!


  1. Being a lifelong Martial Artist YOU DEFINITELY were in the wrong school for you....matbe try a women run school, or Female instructir, even if its another Art. Where is the deep spirituality? $200/MONTH for classes is,RIDICULOUS. as well as the fact you couldnt pay month by month. THAT is entirely a money making school. Keep looking, there are MANY teachers out there, you will KNOW when you find the right school, even if their space is far smaller and more humble...like in the original Karate Kid.

    Ive been a lifelong Martial Artist and both the self defense skills AND the attitude of students and instructors are important. And I avoid chains and money making schools like the plague!!!There may be affordable classes at the Y or another rec center, or college campus gym...

    1. Thank you MasterAmazon! I am indeed taking yoga at the Y while I am researching classes on Tai Chi in the area that are affordable and more divine female led! Blessed be!

  2. Oh my goodness what an experience, the name made the place sound as though it had so much potential!