Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wilderness of the In-Between

Wilderness of In-Between

I find myself in the Wilderness of In-Between.
I am lost in the Wilderness of Change, following signs that seem to lead to dead ends.
Or maybe I am like Winnie the Pooh, thinking I know the way, but finally realizing I have just been going around in circles all this time.

This Wilderness of Circles has a Name: the Wheel of Life.
And I’m learning to name the Seasons, the Directions, the Elements and even the Sabbats.

Yet this Circular Wilderness of Change has many Shadows and Caves and Dens. And I am tired of revisiting them. I am tired of showing up and not knowing where I am or why I am in that place again.

I stand in the midst of tall trees, in the midst of rays of sunshine, in the midst of moss and leaves and I cry out—

And I name this place: Uncertainity. How do I let go of Mother and Embrace Crone?? How do I learn how to move in this Wilderness of In-Between , that which I know well and that which remains in the Shadows?

I Name this place Death and it fits so well!  Death is something we have to do alone. Death is Finality and yet Transformative. Death is Naming the Wilderness we Fear and yet is always necessary to Movement and Freedom.

I find myself in the Wilderness of In-Between.
I find myself lost in a Time Warp of Circles, Shadows, Dens, Caves and Change!

I’m looking for Home! 


  1. you are not lost sister....home is wherever you are... <*)

  2. It is a difficult place. I find myself there, too, at times. We may have to do the work alone but we don't have to be alone. We have each other. The beauty of this sisterhood.