Saturday, February 23, 2013

I Am Ashamed!

I am ashamed! I am ashamed of this country! I am ashamed of those I love in my family who feel they hold the Truth and that their way is the only way. I am ashamed to say that we are related. I am ashamed that they want this country to be a white man's country; only speaking English; only filled with European blood; and if they had their way it would be totally run by men.

I am ashamed of this country at large and I no longer stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance (ok, so if my parents are there I at least stand, but that is out of respect for them and that I don't want to have another debate with my dad!) as I only pledge "allegiance" to Goddess.

I am ashamed of the way "the neighbor" is treated even tho' it is not in their creeds to treat others in this way. Oh crap, I forgot....."we are sinful and unclean and cannot free ourselves" (Lutheran confession liturgy). I am ashamed that there are people who want to close the borders and make English the only language spoken in this country.

And so, with that in mind I posted about what it would have been like if the Native Peoples on this continent had closed borders; if they had in fact made a law that only their languages could be spoken in this country. Nope, they opened up their land, their homes and their hearts and welcomed the "immigrants" into this beautiful country.

I am ashamed as to what was then done to them and is still done to them. And who did it? White Christians. I cannot and will not forget this. It was the White Christian who stole the land; massacred the Native Peoples; brought disease to the Peoples and who stole their culture, their languages, their way of living. All in the name of their Christian God!  And their numbers were too great and they won!

They drove the Peoples onto reservations; these people who truly understood what it meant to share with the neighbor and how to honor and worship the Spirit. They knew the Land! Knew Her! They held Women in high esteem! They taught their children their cultures and how to treat others and the earth! 

I am ashamed!

And now the White Christian Voice is trying so hard to keep those "not like them" out of this country that wasn't theirs to begin with.

I say take down the Statue of Liberty. This is no longer a country that opens it's heart and land for anyone else.

But I do see hope! I see changes and that is why the White Christian Voice is getting louder and louder. They know deep in their souls that the tide is changing. The Shift is coming! There are now more of "us" then them. But the difference is that we don't have to be loud! We just do what we know to do! Love and care for all of creation and listen to the Spirit as She speaks in, with and through us to return to Peace, Love and Life!

I sense the Shift as I move through the Forest on my Walks. I sense the Movement as I converse with others who no longer believe the lies and the betrayal of the White Man Christianity (and I will acknowledge there are ones in that religion who feel the same way I do!). I have a deep stirring in my soul that Patriarchy is coming to an end and it will be ugly for awhile as those who are enmeshed in the angry God mentality; the power and control and the war mentality try desperately to hold on to what they will now loose.

And I am proud! Proud to be counted in those who are enlightened and will help others as this change comes about. I do not stand saying I am the Way, the Truth and the Life! I stand with others saying this must stop and it must stop soon!

She is here! She is now! She is beautiful, kind, loving and waiting! Stand with me! It is time! I don't want to be ashamed any longer!

Aho and Blessed be!

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