Sunday, February 24, 2013

A message from Mother Earth to Sweat Lodge

I had dinner with the Goddesses of Earthen Moon last night. Through Margaritas and good food we spoke of the snow and rain that has kept us from building the Sweat Lodge the past two weekends. The land has been cleared of the English Ivy and other brush and the plans are in order to begin building the Women's only Sweat Lodge at Earthen Moon. 

We have all felt the urgency and excitement of completing this sacred task very soon. But it seems Mother Nature has gotten in the way of this outdoor work. The past two weekends have found us ready to begin and yet, an unexpected snow storm and then heavy rain cancelled those plans. 

Through the Margaritas and good food, Mother Earth began to speak to me. I said Her words to Jamie to consider, but through Margaritas and good food there often seems to be doubt in what one hears. And so as I went to bed later in the evening I asked Goddess to give me clarity and this is the Vision I received as I woke this morning.

Through me, Mother Earth gifts this message to Sacred Sweat Lodge! Aho!

"Greetings to the Sweat Lodge that will one day sit upon my Sacred Soil; that will one day be embraced by my Sacred Trees; that one day will provide a Safe Place for Renewal, Rebirth and Vision to many Women! That will one day be led by a Spirit like none other, Jamie Allen! Greetings and Welcome! 

I come to tell you that I am not ready for you to sit on my Soil. You see, I am healing and need to lay Fallow a bit longer. Do not feel an urgency; I will tell you when it is time. I am healing from all the pulling and digging that the loving hands of beautiful Goddesses did to prepare the path and the place for You to be built. And I am sore. 

I also Desire Time to soak up the Prayers and the Energy that are now being bestowed in this Place. I am honored that Jamie visits every day to give thanks for the gift of this area; I am honored that she received the Vision and carries that Energy to this place so the Vision can become reality; I am honored that Jamie and Alison bought this Land so that Women will have a Safe place to Visit; to be in Ceremony and Circle; to tell their Stories and most of all to Heal! Just like I need to Heal for a bit longer!

I am soaking it all up my Dear Sweat Lodge in preparation for great and wonderful work that will be done on my Soil. 

So, I ask You to wait. I ask you to help Jamie take deep breaths of Me as she learns to Wait. Much must be done before it is time. And while she and Alison are taking care of other things I can continue to Heal and to Soak up all that I need to be that place of Sanctuary, of Healing, of Renewal! 

I am honored Dear Sweat Lodge that You have chosen this area of Me to live on! I am honored that Women will Desire to walk the Path to You and I will Show them the Way! I await the many Goddesses who will Sit upon me, Pray upon me and Heal in my Embrace! 

The Time will be Soon, but Wait for my Call to You! It will be the Perfect Time and all will go well! Do not hurry. Watch and Wait! Blessed be and Love from Mother Earth to you Sacred Sweat Lodge! Aho!"

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  1. Beautiful post. Yes, it is important to listen to The Mother. I look forward to seeing the sweat lodge completed and smiling Goddesses sitting within and upon Mother Earth.