Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Magick I Work

I thought I was going to Earthfare this morning for groceries; which I did get; but it was the drive to and from that was the reason for my trip this morning. Traveling from Lake Wylie to Rock Hill takes me through farm land; areas of small and aging homes and a few broken down barns and many many beautiful trees now in full regalia! And a tremendous amount of memories flooded my mind and heart as I drove there and back.

I began remembering homes I had been in when I first began my career as a Social Worker. Initially I worked with the elderly and disabled adults. Many of the families I worked with in Chesapeake, Virginia lived in what seemed to be old slave quarters; but now they were called "the Projects." They were really one room buildings with a woodstove for heat ; a very small stove and sink; sometimes a refrigerator and sometimes not; a very small toilet and bathtub and a living room/bed room area that was entered from the front door. These places were dark and smelled of urine and old food and the wood stove.

And yet the people who invited me to join their journey were warm, loving, accepting and poor. They often offered me their last bit of food as a way to include me into their family. I wouldn't accept it; I was told not to!

And then I began to remember other families; some I could call by name still after almost 40 years and many who were just faces appearing to me on my drive to and from Earthfare.

Memories of children I "rescued" from abusive families; women I "rescued" from abusive kids and men; stories I heard from birth families and from foster and adoptive parents. All as I was invited to enter into their own stories of love, grief, loss, abuse, successes and many failures. And I always accepted the invitation to enter into their own story; often sharing bits and pieces of my own and also sharing food with them. After awhile I learned how to break the rules in order to meld with those who so desperately needed someone to bring Light into their otherwise Dark world.

That is The Magick I Work! That was the reason for my trip to Earthfare and back this morning.

You see, I would love to be the Witch who could create great magick in the kitchen and garden. I would love to be the Witch who could do spells and call down incredible energy at the altar. I would love to be the Witches in Practical Magic or the Witches who I friend on facebook.

But the fact is I Work a Different Kind of Magic. I bring Light! I bring Hope! I bring a Different Way of Looking at an Old Path! I Know People! I have a gift for being aware of what they need or what they want even before they do! I have the gift of not being so arrogant as to think that what I know is really what they will accept or even is exactly right for them at the time we are together. Sometimes I get to plant the seed and then have faith that it will take root and grow when Goddess knows it is the right time.

I am no longer a "social worker", but I still Work Magick! At the job I have now, people come to me to talk about their frustrations, their struggles or just stop by my cubicle to see me smile at them. That is the Magick I work. I am AVAILABLE!

And I am open to always entering someones journey; no matter how difficult; how chaotic; or how threatening. I am there to enter into journeys that others shy away from; and I am there to be a Voice for those without a Voice! And I have a loud voice sometimes.

Recently a friend told me to "calm down" when I became very out spoken about the amount of money the Catholic church has and yet so many are hungry. He said to me, "You really get too excited over things you have no control over." Ahhh, but you see that is the Magick I work. I am willing to be the Voice for those things others think they have no control over. I know I have don't have control either, but that doesn't keep me from being the Voice! Being the Voice for the LBGT; a Voice for Women; a Voice for abused children; a Voice against pornography; against those who don't understand mental illness and a Voice that speaks for peace, love, understanding and Light!

This is the Magick I work. And it is good Magick! And it is Magick that goes deeper than anything I can even begin to imagine. It amazes me when someone tells me, "You are always smiling! It makes it easier to get through my day with you here." That my friend is true Magick.

So, I will continue to grow herbs on my balcony and try to remember what each are for. And I will collect stones and have to keep going back to my book to remember what they are used for or even their names. And I will set my altar for each Sabbat and then forget to spend time there.

But what I know how to do instinctively is be Available and to Listen. I know how to be ready to say yes when invited into someones life if for a moment passing in the hallway or for a lifetime. That is the Magick I Work!

Funny how all it takes sometimes is to go to the grocery store outside your neighborhood and Life makes sense!

Aho and Blessed be!


  1. you are truly a Light Worker!!! and the world is so in need of the Light!!!!
    ☆╰╮. ≀ .╭╯ ☽ .
    . ⌣⌢ (ˆ ◡ˆ) ⌢⌣ .
    . ☾ ╭╯˙≀˙╰╮ ☆

    1. you are a blessing to me Raven Spirit Song! Thank you for reading and for you affirming words! Love you Sis!