Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Crone comes into her Own

Once Upon a Time a Crone came into Her Own, sitting on the Stones on the Coast of Maine!

One Upon a Time She woke up every Morning, fixed her Hair and put on her Makeup Mask!

Once Upon a Time Her Mother told her that once She began wearing Makup, she could never go outside without it on!

Once Upon a Time Her Mother told her she looked like "death warmed over" without the Makeup Mask!

And so on the Huge Rocks on the Coast of Maine the Crone Came Into Her Own!

All week the Crone had gone with her Hair tied up and no Mask on her Face!

All week the Crone Breathed the Fresh Clean Air of Maine, Drank in the Beauty of the Ocean, the Playfullness of the Chipmunks and Squirrels and Luna, and Tasted Freshly Harvested Lobster for the first Time!

All week the Crone Shared Space with MotherSelf as her Maiden Daughter surrounded her with Unconditional Love and a Peak inside the Container of Blossoming Forever Love!

Once Upon a Time, the Crone sat on the Rocks and Watched New Love Flourish! She sat on the Rocks and Realized how Foolish it has been, trying to Please others. She sat and Gently, Sweetly came into her Own!

There is something to be said for Peaceful Moments, for Vision and for Contentment.

Once Upon a Time the Crone put the Last Puzzle Piece into Place. The new Puzzle awaits to be opened!

Once Upon a Time........

Blessed be!

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful are you dear apprenticing crone.