Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Damn I have a broken foot!

Ok, so once again I was in a hurry, not paying attention and missed the last two concrete steps and bam, down I went! Not much pain and little swelling so I thought I would wait til the next morning to access the damage.

Off I went to the ER and the doctor announces: "I will get to the point, you have broken you foot and you did it up good! Broke right through!" To which I replied, "SHIT"!

My souvenir was this picture and a splint! And an appointment to see the orthopedist who will decide what to do!

And the worst???? Stay off your foot, elevate it and oh yes, since it is your right foot no driving for 4-6 weeks!

Immediately I went into: how will I get to work, how will I get all the paperwork I have to gather up, how will I get up and down my stairs, oh damn, I won't be able to get to the grocery store or the post office to send Yule and Christmas cards! And the mail center....if I can't drive how will I get there every day????

Oh how necessary my feet are to me and how I forget to thank them every day!

Then I stopped short and began to tear up! I realized that meant no walking to the Lake or in the Forest until sometime in January! And I would not be attending the Goddess Weekend December 21st! I thought my life was over!

Damn I broke my foot!

And the text began to come, thanks to facebook and my willingness to put my whole life into cyberspace, with offers of help, rides to work, help with grocery shopping, etc. My heart was touched, but my first reaction was how much I don't like to depend on others! But yet, I want others to reach out to me!

After drumming today and thanking Great Spirit Goddess for all my blessings, I was reminded that we are all called to be Her Vessels at some time or another. When we say no, we dishonor the Goddess and those She has chosen to be her Divine Vessel! When we say no, we are not allowing another to feel the Fullness of Her Nourishing Liquid Divineness! When we say no, we are not allowing another to be Her Hands, Feet and Heart! When we say no, we are not allowing another to taste the Richness of Her blessings both on them and us!

We are Vessels of the Goddess! The answer should always be YES! Both when She calls Us to pour forth and when She calls Us to Drink Deeply!

Yes, I broke my damn foot, but from this will come not only Lessons but Opportunities. Opportunities to Accept Help! Opportunities to be quiet, to reflect on the busyness of my life, read, blog and meditate. It will challenge me to look closely at my "financial" need and how that impacts the time I have to actually spend time with Goddess and Her Daughters!

It will be interesting to look back in January when I finally get back to Driving and see the Show unfold before me of all the Divine Appointments I actually showed up for cause I was slowed down.

Life is just that: A Divine Plan that unfolds before us! Reminding us "We plan, Goddess laughs!"

So, yep I broke my Damn Foot, but I look forward to all the Amazing Opportunities that await me!

Blessed be and much love!

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  1. Bravo! Soon I will also find out what Goddess has in store for me in my long period of convulescing..something I have never done..never been in hospital, no operations...it will be a challenge but I am prepared to 'let the magic begin.' (knee replacement Jan 6th) You have come to a good place with this accident and broken foot. I know you are a strong Goddess and will find something wonderful will happen during the suffering or after..something that will enlighten and amaze you. Can't wait to hear about it!