Saturday, February 15, 2014

Our Last Time to be "just You and Me"!

I am Celebrating a very Special Day today, February 15th. You see, 30 years ago, it was Just Me and my Daughter. She was still Nestled inside the Protective, Nourishing confines of my Womb. She was Moving ever so Slightly as She was near Her time to be Born. I Cherished every Movement, every Hiccup, every Moment Shared as No One else could Share. No one else could ever Share Her with Me. She was Mine and I was Hers. Together We had Traveled for 9 months and Now it was the Day before She was to Arrive into a New World.

Like all of us, Stephanie would leave the Waters of her Mom's Womb and enter a world where She would have to be bombarded by lights, sounds, temperature variations, pain and loss. But today, 30 years ago, She still Swam in my Amniotic Fluid; She received her Nourishment via the Umbilical Cord connecting us in a way She would never be Connected to another until and if She Bore her own Child, and She was Safe and Loved in a Special Way. 

And so today I honor that Last day that was only Stephanie and Me!

And tomorrow at 9:15 am She will move into her 30th year of Living Outside the Protection of Me. And as Mom's we never are able to Protect in the same Way again.

Birth brings both a Joy and a Sadness. I Grieved for a few minutes the Loss of Her inside Me, but Rejoiced in the Knowing that I would be Invited along for the Ride of her Journey. And what a Ride it has been.

It has been amazing to Watch as She has Grown into a Confident, Independent, Successful, Talented, Loving, Caring, Vocal, Amazing Woman! She has shown a Resilience that makes me Catch my Breath as I watch from afar. She has been such a Blessing to Everyone she Meets, Everyone She Shares that incredible Smile with, and Everyone She Comforts during Times of Loss and Struggle.

Today, in the Quiet of my Heart I Re-Member this Last day 30 years ago. Hard to Believe that this Time has Passed. Hard to Believe that I did Once Hold her Tightly in my Body, I ate right, I exercised, I did all I could do to take Care of her during those crucial 9 months and then I said a quiet Good-bye as She was taken from my Womb by C-section.

I find Tears today as I sit with this Memory. Tears for the Journey both of Us have been on. Tears of Joy and Sadness. Tears of Thanksgiving for being Chosen to Birth this particular Goddess into the World.

And Her Journey continues with each Passing Day! And I Thank Stephanie for including Me in Her Life Journey, for Reaching out Daily to Others, and most of all for Loving Me, the Woman Who Held Her Safely inside until She was ready to take Her first Breath in the Garden full of Rainbows, Brilliant Colors and Music; and ready to Soak up All the Gifts that She was Given in order to be a Blessing as the Goddess incarnate.

I am Honored! I am Humbled! I am full of Love for this beautiful Woman I call Goddess Stephanie Bryce!


  1. Your daughter will be shedding tears of joy as she reads this beautiful tribute to the two of you. I cannot imagine anyone writing anything more touching and moving for their child. As a matter of fact, I have a tear in my eye as I write this. Very, very beautiful Sunshine.

  2. Thank you so much Cheryl! You are kind and I appreciate you making this journey with me! Love you!