Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Really? Is this not 2014?

I promise not to Rant! I promise not to throw judgment! I promise not to make this a bigger deal than it is! Maybe!

Last week I was out with family members having dinner.  It was a nice time.

The conversation turned to a vacation that was recently taken and the story went something like this: As they were waiting for the doors of the plane to close, they noticed a "Middle Eastern Looking Man" leave his seat in the front and walk slowly to the back of the plane where he opened a compartment and then sat in an empty seat. They were aware of him because he looked Middle Eastern. Then another "Middle Eastern Looking Man" got up from the front; walked to the back; nodded to the other man and went into the bathroom. They wondered if they needed to report this suspicious behavior to anyone. I of course asked, "what suspicious behavior?" Well, that led to one of my relatives, who flies many times a week to say, "I am always nervous when a "Middle Eastern Looking Man" is on the same flight as I am. That led to others agreeing.

Of course, I was boiling inside, and really decided I was most assuredly adopted even tho' I look just like my parents.

So, very calmly I said, "Interesting, I too am nervous and cautious. But it is when a "White Male" gets on the plane since almost all of the "Terrorists type" attacks since 9/11 have been by White American Males."

I was ignored; cause you see I am the hippie, tree hugging, Gay and Black and Middle Eastern looking~~ loving, War hating, RadFeminist, probably Lesbian, pagan witch of the family. I am sure they all wish I was adopted!

What a sad sad conversation this was for me to listen to. Really? This is 2014 isn't it? We already fought to get rid of ethnic profiling and embrace equality of human beings way back in the old days of the 60/70's right?

Well, I must say we can do a lot of blaming. When I told this story to a young woman at work her comment was, "it's the media's fault!"

NO DAMN IT! It is NOT! It is our fault. We should know better.

But alas, it is the State of our Patriarchal Mindset that looks at everyone as the Enemy, unless they look, act, talk, and believe just like us and then you can't be too careful!

So, this was on my mind as I was shopping in Harris Teeter after work. I really wanted a piece of pizza for dinner. I have been so good with my eating of late and that sounded like a great way to cheat a bit.

Oh wait, sorry...I was thinking about this conversation when after getting my pizza I watched as the lady behind the counter threw two large pizzas into the trash can. They cannot sit out longer than 2 hours. Then they have to be thrown away.

I thought of all the hungry people right here in Charlotte NC. I thought about all the Muslims who just want to get on a plane and go to their destination. My nephew just wants to be in love with his boyfriend and not be harassed or denied a marriage license if they decide to get married. And me?

Well, I just want to see the Age of Aquarius before my life is over here on this Planet. And to that end I will continue to call out the lady in the salon who stopped watching HGTV because of all the gays and I will remind people that Catholic Priests and other Religious men have terrorized more children then the number of men who blew up the planes of 9/11. And I will do this until I take my last breathe.

But then again, I am a hippie-tree-hugging, Gay, Black, Middle Eastern looking~~ loving, RadFeminsit, War hating, pagan witch! Goddess I love being ME!


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  2. i so love your hippie-tree-hugging pagan self!!! <3

    1. "taking up for the Muslims" from some of my witch friends. Interesting for sure. Once again; people see this as my way of supporting the Islamist extremists instead of the person who is of the Middle Eastern Descent and is Muslim. thank you for always supporting and loving me!

  3. I'm glad you are 'you' too Sunshine! I'm always in agreement with you but I also can see the viewpoint of your family. These are strange times.