Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Working with Poppets

It has only been in the past year that I have seriously begun working magick with Poppets. At first I rejected the idea because I thought you had to have a sewing machine and like actually SEW! Not on my list of gifts!

Then my sweet witch mentor Autumn, told me that I could use construction paper, crayons, pens, markers, etc. and work the magick with that. Ok! I could do that and I have!

My first Poppet was for my daughter, who is a manager of a Country Club restaurant, and they desperately needed a chef. So she asked if I could work some magick for the right person to show up and take the job! I did my first Poppet and low and behold two days later she called saying, "Mom, did you do magick cause we have a Chef and he is going to be incredible."

Well, that was all it took and I was sold. Nothing like immediate affirmation.

So, I have done a few more here and there alone and also joined in with other witches when they needed extra energy for magick they were doing with poppets.

This blog is about my most recent Poppet. I want to share the story and outcome because it was not exactly the outcome I asked for or expected. BUT, what it showed me is that magick is all about being aligned with the Universe's plan. And it seems that I was!

My son who is 33 years old and trying to find his niche in life, entered graduate school last fall in the Occupational Therapy Program at Radford University. He was very excited about it, and the first few weeks were good, but soon the experience turned ugly and he had to drop out. He had taken a loan out for the tuition and since it was past the drop/add period, the University refused to reimburse any of the money. He was discriminated against based on religion and mental illness and they kept giving him the run around.

Enter, Mama Witch!!!! Without telling him (and he still doesn't know), I made a Poppet.

On January 8, 2015 I made the Poppet and did a ritual asking for Radford University to reimburse my son all the money he had paid to them. My son, had quit his job because the program did not allow work outside school. So here he was with no job and no money and no school. As you can see I covered this Poppet with money symbols and Runes and also had quarters all over it. The Runes were about prosperity, happiness, wisdom, new trade, movement, journey of the soul, strength, positive outcome, good health, protection, etc.

Every day I spoke to the Poppet and lit candles, and chanted and drummed. But nothing was happening.

On January 26th, I took the Poppet to the Lake and Spoke the intention to Lady of the Lake. You see my son is a swimmer, a swim coach and a lifeguard/pool manager in the summer. Water is his second home. So I just knew Lady of the Lake would help. I tore the Poppet into little pieces and threw them into the Lake with a Penny that I found as I was walking to the Lake that day. I threw rocks into the Lake to disperse the pieces of the Poppet.

This past Sunday, February 8th, I got a call from my son. Now this in and of itself is unusual as he does not call me, maybe he will text from time to time but he hates talking on the phone. Here was the gist of the phone call.

"Hey Mom, I have good news! I went into Mill Mountain Coffee Shop (where he has worked off and on since college) to see if they needed help and was told the owner had been wondering how to get in touch with me. So I called him and he offered me a full time manager job at one of the stores that hadn't been doing well. I told him I could give him until the summer as I was thinking of moving out of town. Well, he offered me so much money a week to give him 1 year I couldn't turn it down. And it has been 2 weeks and the store has totally turned around! I love being a manger and am so happy.

Oh, and Mom, a local guy works with people training for Triathlons and he wondered if I would be interested in offering private swim lessons to the adults training. It's good money and I can do on my own schedule.

I also told the owner of the coffee shop that I had to coach the Summer Swim Team at the local pool and he said, 'To have you back, we will work around it.'

And the best yet, Mom, I signed a lease on a one bedroom apartment today!" (Now, this is a huge step as my son has NEVER lived alone and he had been sleeping on a friend's couch as he had broken up with his girlfriend. The bad thing was that his roommate is very allergic to cats so my son had to leave his cats with his ex girlfriend until he decided what to do. He was NOT going to go back to his Dad's, but that might have been an option and would have been a big step backwards in his healing.)"

After talking all this out and being so excited for him, etc I asked the big question: "Have you heard anything from Radford University about your money?" "Nope Mom, and it looks like I would have to sue them and I don't have the money to do that. I am going to chalk it up to Lesson Learned. I will continue looking at grad schools as I really want to do OT but right now, I am so happy and can't believe how all this just fell into my lap!"

Well, sisters, do you see what I saw? I limited myself in only asking for one thing (money to be returned), but the Runes I had welded on the Poppet asked for so much more and the Universe listened. Wow! A full time job, a second job and an APARTMENT BY HIMSELF !!! That in and of itself is the best part!

Yep, I believe in the Magick of Poppets but I also believe that it wasn't me who made all this happen. It was me believing in Magick and the power of aligning myself with what the Universe already wanted to see happen.

So, don't forget using Poppets in your magick. You don't even have to Sew! Sweet!

Blessed be!

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  1. what a fabulous outcome for your son sis!!!! i know you are a happy mama bear!!! love to see the results of focused intention!! ask and it is given!! and so much more...thanks for sharing!! <*)