Sunday, July 17, 2016

Shallow Water! No Diving Allowed!

When I was 14, the parental unit took us kids to Myrtle Beach. The hotel we stayed in had a salt water pool. I guess I didn't see the sign: Shallow Water! No Diving Allowed" because I dove in off the side of the pool and scraped my front teeth on the bottom. I had a very large overbite at the time, so yes, my teeth were outside my lips. I had closed my eyes due to the salt water.

My two front teeth were scrapped and very jagged which meant I had a swollen bottom lip most of the rest of vacation. When we got home, the dentist filed them down and I went on my merry way!

The treadmill at my apartment gym faces the pool. In front of me every time I walk, is that sign. Now, I no longer go into pools, oceans or lakes to swim...oh not because of the tooth incident...but I don't even own a bathing suit anymore!

Well, for the past few weeks I have been haunted by this sign:


"What say you?" I asked my self.

Ahhh.... finally an answer after all my sweat and daily 5 mile walks.

We, as human beings, tend to be quite Shallow. There are times, I look into the eyes of a Wolf or Bear and think they are Deeper Thinkers than we are.

Only when the Waters are Deep enough, should Diving take place. There is a lot of power contained in Diving. We intentionally, enter the Waters hands and head first; our heads being very vulnerable indeed.

I knew a young man once, who decided to dive into a shallow pool in the ocean. He hit his head on a rock and died.

And yet, we only want to dive into those Shallow places. It seems too daunting, too time consuming to dive Deeper. In the Shallow waters is where we find the hard places, so why would we want to go deeper? If there are dangers there, why in the hell do we want to see what lies Deeper still.

But sweet ones.... that is where the answers are. That is where the darkness shows us beauty and life that is beyond our reckoning. There is were the waters are colder, healing and refreshing.

Yes, we are Shallow people.

Shallow places are where Anger, Hate and Violence reside.
Shallow places are where the scars from abuse, neglect, poverty and judgement reside.
Shallow places are where entitlement lives!
Shallow places are where religious and political leaders abide!

We take the word of who ever is speaking from the pulpit or in front of a microphone at the time; as long as they are speaking from the Shallow Waters. No way are we going to dive into Deeper Waters where the Real Questions and Answers reside! It is in the Deeper Waters where we see through the lies, the betrayal, the power and control. It is there we have to do the hard work, to be able to breathe.

I believe we live in very Shallow Times which means we live in very Dangerous Times.
It is us, who are called to the Deeper Waters, who will find the Divine Voice of Love, Light and Reason.

The Deeper Waters have no place for Anger, Resentment, Killing, Racism, Misogyny, Homophobia, Inequality, Entitlement, Jealously, or Hatred.

I choose to go to the Deeper Waters and when I surface, I choose to Walk in the Truth Found There. And when Thirsty for Truth again, I will Dive, as I only choose to Dive into Deep Waters.

I learned my lesson once... well probably more than once.... yes, I am sure I did... but now, sweet ones, I watch for that Sign of the Goddess:


I invite you to ignore the Shallow Waters and join me in the Deeper Waters.
Truth awaits us! 

Blessed be! 


  1. love!! diving deep with you sis to freedom!! ♥♥♥

    1. I would never want it any other way! <3

  2. You speak the truth!