Monday, July 18, 2016

Where did you see Goddess today?

In 2004, my cousin took me to Iceland. It was a trip that changed many things in my life. At the time I was still an entrenched Christian. I was the Worship Team leader of the contemporary band, wrote daily devotions, set the altar, etc and yet, I battled every day in my heart, mind and soul to get out of that suffocating religion.

I found one of my devotions I wrote after my trip to Iceland. It was filled with "God created this and God created that;"and "he" language all through the devotional. I tried so hard to sneak in that "she" language in, but of course, I wasn't quite brave enough yet. In fact, when I finally did, I was told I was not allowed to, and thus began my exit from that religion.

But this is not what my blog is about today!

This is what my blog post is about:

 I took this picture while standing on the Lava Field in Iceland. It takes 400 years for any growth to begin on the Lava Field. This, my friends, is the Glacier Waters flowing through the field and actually through and not over the Lava.

Water flowing THROUGH Lava! Ages old Lava at that. Lava that once was a fiery molten liquid itself, then hardened and laid barren for hundreds of years. And slowly, with time, growth began and the Glacier melted and froze over and over until the water channeled its way through the hardened rock.

I have been that hardened lava! I have been that hardened lava, laying barren and cold and desolate. But one day, She awakened me and began to gently flow through me. She found those cracks and crevices cause by lies and betrayals, abuse and control. She found me in my most desolate of times, after I had lived fiery and hot, but then left barren and forgotten! I was hardened and cold and bitter!

Luckily I didn't have to wait 400 years and neither do you! She came fast and furious, just like these glacier waters. She got my attention, filled all the wounded places and set me on my way! She found me in the Lava Field and changed my life!!!!!

Goddess finds us in these places and makes her face known just like in the following picture. What a surprise to see these red flowers growing in the middle of the lava field!

Yep, looks exactly like the menstrual flow of the Goddess! Do you see it? No male God creates!!!!! Hell no!!!!! This is the sign of the Goddess. She nourishes us all the time; when we are conceiving, growing and when we are barren and dry. It is Her Cycle!

I loved Iceland. So much to learn there. So many things took my breath away. It is on my bucket list to return! She calls my name!

Blessed be!


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    1. Thank you Susan! I wish we could go there together one day! Love you!

  2. Wonderful, just wonderful!!

    1. Thank you so much for reading my blog! blessings!