Friday, May 11, 2012

Her Name is Love

It has been an interesting week for me. I have been a little more vocal about my pagan path on my secular Facebook site this week and those who are arrogant enough to think that they are called to save me from damnation are being vocal there. Some quoting scripture and telling me to really think about this change as God is jealous and judgmental and my soul is in big ass trouble, to my 24 year old nephew slandering me about being a witch and a worshiper of Goddesses and crickets. It has been an interesting week.

And so this morning as I was communing with Goddess, I realized that each of us is trying so hard to navigate this life experience in the Garden. We were all created by Goddess and She in Her Wisdom decided that the world would be more colorful if everything and everyone was a bit different. The commonality would be at the Core ~~~~~ Love. But in order for us to be different we had to be given the freedom to make choices as we tried to figure out what Love looks like to each of us. Goddess knows what it looks like, but she wanted each of us to bring our unique take on it into the Web of Life. Unfortunately along the way, there are those humans who become selfish and arrogant and want their way to be the only way and so their choices are to take out those who do not believe as they do.

Then there are those who think that they have been called to make sure everyone's souls are saved for eternity through the belief in one God and that God only. It has become the Religion of My Way or the Highway to Hell! How sad Goddess must be.

And yet Goddess is not giving up! She is still Teaching and Loving and Speaking to Her Children. She is on the move and I think that is why especially the Christian Tradition is becoming so Fearful. They too can feel the Shift happening and when it does it means the crumbling of power and control of the Church. And that will be a grand day indeed.

As I was walking to the Lake She began to Teach through Gaia! The Pine Tree said, "I do not ask the Oak Tree to become a Pine Tree. We stand rooted together in the forest, standing side by side, each offering up our gifts to the Garden. The Daisy then said, "I do not accuse the Rose Bush of being evil because it adorns itself with Thorns. Those thorns teach each of us about protection and is it's gift to the Garden. We grow together and add so much color to the Garden. I would never ask for it to be torn up and thrown away or to be moved to another part of the Garden."

Goddess said to me, "This was my plan for the Garden and still is. I knew the Journey of Love would be tough, but if I had made it easy it would not have been appreciated. I am sorry for those who have chosen Hate over Love. It seems to be the easier path for too many. But I never give up hope that they will find their way to Love. I will not wave my magick wand and make them change. They have to find their own way, just like you have had to find yours. And I do not ask any of my Children to try and make someone come to Me. They must do it on their own, but if how you live the Web of Life entices them to move closer to Love than that is wonderful, but remember all must come to Love on their own."

And so there it is: The Web of Life is the Web of Love! I want to be caught in that Web! I want to be wrapped in a cocoon and Devoured by Goddess! I want to then be transformed into Love that will Light up the World. I try, Goddess knows I try and She knows that on any given day I fail miserably. But, the important thing is that I keep trying. She is calling my Name and that Name is Love.

May Her Sadness turn to Joy as Her Children Find Her in the Garden. Her Name is Love!

Blessed be! 

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  1. Wonderful! And so true! I love your words!!! I am grateful and honored to know you!