Sunday, May 27, 2012


A friend of mine posted on Facebook that she was having flashbacks of memories this week. She didn't know exactly why these were coming to her so powerfully at this exact time. My response to her was it was the process of Re-membering!

For me there is a difference in remembering and Re-membering. Remembering to me is when we sit back and intentionally bring back memories; good or bad. We remember when we lost our first tooth, we remember getting on the bus for kindergarten that first day, we remember our high school graduation, we remember getting beaten by a parent or bullied by a peer. We sit and we go back and recapture what happened and how we felt about it and what outcome we may or may not have wanted.

Re-membering is very different. It is the process of re-attaching something that was taken from us, the process of re-framing something that was done, said or that happened so that the effects can be reattached to us, and it is also claiming our right to either accept or deny the message that was contained in that which happened in, with, through or to us! I think of it as a arm or leg that is amputated and then re-attached to our body and we have to re-learn how to use it or live with it as it is.

Memories that come upon us are like that I think. They are gifts from Goddess as we make sense of this journey through Her Garden.

Stephanie and I did this when I was visiting her last week. All of a sudden a memory would come up and we had the opportunity to talk about it as it happened and how to make sense of it and how to take what happened and make it a part of our lives not separate from us. That is hard especially when the memories are less than happy or hopeful!

It is not healthy to try and throw away the bad shit that happened and happens to us. We don't have to let it define us, but we must make peace with it. We must acknowledge that it did in fact happen and learn the lesson from it in a healthier way and then re-member it to who we are: beautiful, healthy, whole, blessed children of a loving and accepting and caring Goddess!

Re-membering and remembering are there for us to use for our own strengthening and empowering for the next leg of our journey. It helps us see ourselves and others through the only Eyes worth looking through: those of the Goddess! And since we are the Divine, those are our Eyes!

Blessed be!

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