Sunday, May 6, 2012

We stand in awe of a big rock in the sky?

What a beautiful Full Moon last night. Oh she played Peek-a-boo with me as Clouds had to come and try to steal Her show, but when She appeared She was magnificent! I worked magick at the altars I set up in Her honor and lifted up the names of family and friends so dear to my heart; some hurting, some not!
I sat in a chair on my balcony and let Her Beauty and Energy pour over me! I am thankful that my apartment faces Her as She makes Her appearance each night! She not only Charged me with her Energy but she Charged my crystals and stones, my new Athame, Herne and Moon Goddess! Candles lit and incense burning with Native American flute and drum music playing in the background set the stage for a very Magickal Night!

I woke up at 3am to go to the bathroom and She was beaming into my bedroom! As I was standing out on the balcony gazing at Her one more time I heard in my Mind: "You are standing in awe and giving homage to A ROCK in the Sky!"

Yep, a Rock! A Rock that has been caught in the gravitational pull of this Planet we live on. A Rock that controls the Tides and Women's Menstrual Cycles. A Rock that influences all of Creation in one way or another. A Rock that always shows up, is never late and has much to Teach us!

This Rock in the Sky teaches us about Reflecting!

How often I have felt like the Moon! Dry, desolate, hard and cold! I have felt like a stone as I rolled through the days of Darkness. Yet, it always surprised me that people saw me as upbeat and happy and full of love and life during these times!

I was Reflecting the Goddess! She was Shining In, With and Through me even tho' on the inside I knew I was nothing but a hard, dried out rock. I chose not to hide away, but showed up on schedule and on time whether I was Waxing or Waning or Full or Dark! I showed up and reflected Goddess into the World. Not intentionally that is for sure. But it is what we are made to do!

And I was always surprised at that! I wonder if Goddess Moon is. I wonder if She ever questions if Sun will be there when it is time to reflect all, half or none of the Light from Him? I wonder if the Sun ever questions whether the Moon will show up to reflect it back to the Earth in the Darkness of the Night? So if they don't, why do we?

I will always honor the Moon! She is something I can count on to always be there, on time and on schedule. I can count on Her to Reflect back to me the Mysteries of the Universe and to Teach me about my own Waxing and Waning and Shining and Darkness!

Yep....I honor a Humongous Rock in the Sky!

Blessed be!


  1. Great post! I also honor that amazing rock in the sky and always will! Blessings to you my sister!

  2. What a treat! The "Lady Moon" as my little witchling calls Her, was spectacular in Her beauty this morning at 5:35 am EDT. My little one has been calling out to "Lady Moon" since she first learned to talk--about 8 years ago. I am slowly teaching my darling, what "Lady Moon" offers us and controls in us and our world. What a little sponge, she absorbs all the information I offer and what she finds online or at school. I do think that she has the best of both worlds; a traditional school time and a heritage time with me and the rest of her adults in her life.

    Blessings and Peace.
    May "Lady Moon" bring you happiness and surprises in your life.

  3. Well, as a Leo I also worship the Sun Goddess, they are ALL Goddess to me, Moon, Sun and Earth....but I feel so close to the Moon especially, and especially in Her fullness..literally I can feel a shift in consciousness when I am close to Her phases, and especially Full Moon. I FINALLY have a circle I can go to on the Lunar phases..most of the Dianic rituals I've attended were attuned to the Solar holidays, and I so missed ritualling with womyn on the Full Moons...and I'm so glad to be doing it again, especially yesterday when the energy was at a peak on Lunar Beltane, on the Super Moon! And there is a meditation staring at the Moon, where I can almost ALWAYS see Her face,Her expression, Her moods....and there is a specific meditation to Kwan Yin, who shines down on the Full Moon.....haven't done it in a long while, but that particular meditation is very, very any case, was happy I could circle with Sisters on the Full Moon.!
    -In Sisterhood,

  4. Love your blog. Will add it to my blogger blogroll! -FeistyAmazon/M.A.