Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Dreamcatcher

So, I must tell you what happened the day after I wrote my Hate blog post! This is the Dreamcatcher I have had since probably 1991. I bought it at one of the first Native American Pow-Wows I attended. It has a small bear charm inside and Brown Bear is one of my Animal Spirit Guides. I have hung it up every where I have lived and it has been outside on my balcony since I moved to the apartment.

The day after I wrote the Hate blog post I realized that something was missing from the overhang of my balcony and realized that the Dreamcatcher was gone. I looked down and there it was on the ground. I went down and rescued it and this is what I realized: It was very dirty and worn looking and the leather was falling apart, the beads were no longer attached to the strings. I brought it upstairs and began to wash it, but as I did, the leather strings literally fell apart and I couldn't even tie them back on.

I sat with Dreamcatcher and asked what happened. This is what Dreamcatcher said to me: "I am full and I am worn out. I have captured your bad dreams, your unfilled wishes, your heartaches and your trauma. I have been there with you in the good and the tough times and I have always let the good in and tried my best to keep the bad out. And now, my job has been completed. You, yourself, have released the last Deep Emotion that needed to be released. And after you wrote the blog post, the leather holding me together let go and I fell to the ground. All the ugliness that has been held within my spheres soaked into the ground as I laid there and the gentle rain shower in the middle of the night came down on me. I have served you well but now I must be put to rest."

I sat there in amazement. I took all the beads that had fallen off the strings and placed them in the Fairy Garden for them to play with and I cut the deer gut panels out of the inside and placed them in the candle garden on the balcony, and the bear charm I tied to my Prayer Stick, and then I wrapped up the skeleton of Dreamcatcher and placed it in the trash can.

Yes, indeed this Dreamcatcher held My Story in it's spheres. It silently hung where ever I placed it and quietly did the job of capturing the bad dreams and letting through the good. I honor the task it agreed to take on and that it fulfilled it well and faithfully!

I have another dreamcatcher that hangs in my bedroom window, but there was something so Sacred about this Dreamcatcher. I looked at the vacant place on my balcony overhang and decided to place the birdfeeder I had taken down a while ago because the birds were making such a mess with their poop in it's place! I hope the birds find it before they take off for the winter!

If not, that is ok! I will always thank Goddess for Dreamcatcher and the way it said Good bye to me!

Blessed be!


  1. Thank you for your words, for being open to listening and hearing, thank you for the sacred ways you honor items such as dream catcher....and most of all thank you for teaching us all...respect, love, honor and trust.

  2. ♥♥♥ this one!!! what an amazing journey for you deer!!! <*)

  3. This may be the most beautiful blog post I've ever read. Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment.