Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Universe Always Acts in our Favor

Do I have a story to tell! I love when the Universe affirms what She has taught me all my life. She continues to show me that She is always working for my Good. Now we can debate the place of  "evil" in the world, but not right now. Not in this blog! Not today! Today is about how much Goddess works in our Favor!

So you know I am taking this class called The Shaman Way! Well, this Tuesday is the last class and we will be making our Mesa; traveling altar; in the tradition of the Q'ero Peoples. This traveling altar is composed of a cloth of some sort that holds the stones, shells, etc. that we have been working with over the past 6 weeks. These can be added to over our journey. This cloth is then tied and used in the healing work we will be doing. (We will get more details on Tuesday!)

Ok, so the purpose of the Mesa isn't what this blog is about either! It is about how the Universe always is working in our Favor! She listens to our cries, She knows our desires, our frustrations and our every need! She moves and move us and moves others on our behalf!

Now, for this last class we are to bring a cloth that we want to use for the Mesa. Maurene has a beautiful one from Peru. She told us we could adorn it in whatever way we wanted and I immediately imagined feathers on mine! She gave us suggestions as what we could use for cloth too, and I began to search my mind for what I had at my apartment to use. Nothing was coming into my mind! NOTHING!

I was determined to not go to the fabric store to buy a piece of cloth. I looked at clothing I had. Nope! I looked at towels, washcloths, bandanas, handkerchiefs, anything that I had in this apartment. Nope! So I was very sad and wondering what I would do when I went to bed on Friday night!

Goddess had heard my heart on Tuesday night when Maurene told us about the need for cloth and She went to a very good friend of mine, Cheryl Dolby and moved her! You see, on Wednesday, Cheryl mailed me the Triple Goddess necklace I ordered from her on Tuesday morning. She puts the Goddess necklace in a very nice oblong box and then wraps it in cloth. This is what I saw when I opened the box she mailed the necklace and a book in:

Needless to say, I had cold chills going all over my body as I gazed upon my Mesa!!! This is EXACTLY how I imagined it to be! Same cloth and feathers! I sat and held it in my hands for awhile before I remembered that inside was the Goddess necklace I had ordered. I sat and thanked first Goddess and then Cheryl. I thanked Goddess for working in my favor and thanked Cheryl for listening!

These times are important for me to place in my heart and have available to take out and remember when I think that Life is against me. These times are there for me to look at Goddess and see Her smiling as She rejoices in my ever present amazement at Her Operation in Life! These times are there for me to Re-Member that the Universe is always working in my Favor and affirming the Path I am on!

I immediately emailed Cheryl and told her the story. Then I couldn't wait to tell my daughter and then Kim! And on Tuesday night, I will wear the Goddess necklace and tell the story to the women gathered in circle as we put together our Mesa Altars!

And now I get to share the story with so many others in hopes that you too will know that She is always working in your Favor! Cherish those memories when they come loud and clear and then trust that it is Her Truth even when She seems Silent!

Blessed be! 


  1. The synchronicity that unfolds on a regular basis in my life and in yours Deb, doesn't surprise me. If you are open to the universe and then listen to Her speaking to you, amazing gifts surface. I am so glad to be a part of the story you will tell to your circle as you create your Mesa Alters and thank you for following your intuition and heart in ordering your Triple Goddess necklace. I have a feeling some amazing things are about to happen as you wear her during this eventful time of your life~

    Many hugs and good wishes,

  2. First of all let me say I really appreciated your blog post but not for any of the reasons I thought I would when I first click on it.

    I was laid awhile back & now half way through my employment benefits and starting to panic.
    Today I received a phone call from another ex coworker who was laid off at the same time as I was and she was just rehired from the company we both worked for; add that to trying to buy groceries today on little money and make it stretch to feed myself until the end of the week.
    By the time I got home and flipped on the PC I was feeling really down today.
    I saw your image of the mesa box and was ooooooooo I wanna make one of those.

    Of course that was not the purpose of your post; i figured that that no directions were forth coming but some reason I continued to read.

    Your post gave me a boost when I needed it the most. I know the Goddess has a plan for me. It was nice to be reminded of that fact.
    thank you

    1. sorry that was laid off work

    2. I am so sorry you were laid off work Letia! And I do believe that Goddess does in fact have a glorious plan for you! If you want more details on the Mesa let me know. I have class tomorrow night and will get all the info. I may do a blog about it anyway! Blessed be and much love!