Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fractured Fairy Tale #2: The Willow Tree

Once Upon a Time a Gentle Girl sat under her favorite Willow Tree. She Loved how the Branches waved in the Breeze, how they fell Gracefully to the ground and how they Hid her from the World.

She was a Gentle Girl. Kind to Plants and Animals, she wouldn't even harm a Spider. She Cried for days when she saw her friends intentionally Destroy an Ant Hill and then stomp to Death those ants trying to get away.

Yes, she Loved her Willow Tree. She would lay under the Shelter of the Branches and Dream of Unicorns and Princes on White Stallions rescuing her from a Family where being Gentle and Kind was not the norm.

Thank goodness for the Respite of the Willow Tree!

One day after School, she ran Happily to the Willow Tree and it was gone! She stood in Disbelief gazing upon the bare Stump left by the Brutal Tree Killers.

And so Once Upon a Time a Gentle Girl turned Bitter and Angry. She Screamed her loudest Scream, and as she did the Skies Darkened and Thunder rolled and Lightening lit up the Skies. The Animals and Insects ran out of fear. Flowers Withered and Ponds dried up. And unfortunately the Great Sorrow and Ultimate Destruction of the Gentle Girl overshadowed the Message of the Willow Tree.

The Gentle Girl, now turned Bitter and Angry, could not Hear the Willow Tree say, "I had a Disease and had to be Cut back so I could Grow again. I am still your Refuge; I am still here for you; I am just Different right now!"

No, the Gentle Girl, turned Bitter and Angry, could not accept what she saw as Betrayal and was such a Mean Girl she was sent away to live with her Grandma.

Years later and Once Upon A Time, a Gentle Girl discovered the Willow Tree and Crawled under the Branches. The Willow Tree Breathed a Gentle Sigh and the Gentle Girl Dreamed of Unicorns and Princes on White Stallions.

The End!

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