Monday, July 1, 2013

Fractured Fairy Tale: The Small Hut

Once Upon a Time a Small Hut sat by a Stream. The Hut was nestled amongst Trees of Different kinds; the Mighty Oak, the Temperamental Maple; the Proud Birch and the Flowering Dogwood. Ivy was attempting of smother the Small Hut, but She fought hard to keep Breathing by Shaking hard when the cold Winds of Winter came upon Her.

The Small Hut was beginning to feel very Old. Her Door had come unhinged years ago and many of the Shingles had Blown off Her once sturdy Roof.

Her Inside was Dusty and overtaken by Leaves and Cobwebs. Spring was fun as the Starlings and Blue Birds came in through the holes in the Roof and Nested in her Rafters. Listening to the sweet Chirps of the newly Hatched babies and the Songs of their Parents filled Her otherwise Lonely Days.

Summer brought the Sweet Smells of the Lilacs and Roses Growing Wild around Her. Autumn Leaves tickled Her Walls and She loved the pretty Colors as they Adorned Her Porch.

But Winter. Oh Winter! The Cold now Creeps through the Holes in Her Flooring and Walls. The Icicles pull on Her Gutters and it is oh so Cold and Lonely.

And so Winter is when The Small Hut Cherishes the Memories of Younger Times. She Remembered the Hikers who would Stop for a night or two; the Young Couple who Conceived their first child while snuggled inside their Sleeping Bag; and the Monk who would come and Meditate Seeking His God.

The Small Hut Remembered the Teenage Girls who ran away from Home, got Lost, and found Refuge within Her Protective walls until they were Found.

But Her favorite Memory was when the Women would Gather at each Full Moon. They would Dance and Sing, they would Laugh and Cry, they would call down the Moon's Energy and The Small Hut felt Alive and Pulsated along with the Women.

Soon the Gathering got smaller and eventually no One came! No One Came At All! The Small Hut was Alone except for the Birds, the Trees, the Flowers, the Stream, the Sun and Moon, and the Air. And best of all Her Memories!

All Reminded Her that She wasn't Alone. And The Small Hut smiled as a Squirrel crawled out of her Nest and Ran outside the unhinged Door! Spring had Arrived!

She had never been Alone!

The End.....and Blessed be!

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  1. Your writing moves me. I actually got the chills when I read of the little hut and the Willow tree. How very, very beautiful. What a wonderful way to view age. These fractured Fairy Tales are absolutely creative and should be placed into a book for Goddesses!!! Hope you decide to publish.