Saturday, June 1, 2013

"You think I'm done?" said Gaia!

So as much as I wanted to just hang out in the AC this morning I was guilted into putting on my tennis shoes and going for a walk. A very dear friend of mine, Riley, responded to my whine on facebook saying, "Go for your walk. You might hear something."

So for a walk I went. I decided that I would just walk the path to the Lake for 30 minutes since it was almost totally in the shade. It became like a Labyrinth and my kinetic meditation took over as I walked over and over a path that is very familiar.

The first thing that caught my eye as I was rounding the bend about 5 minutes into my walk was this:

I remembered that for so long this had been a dead branch just sticking up in the ground and now there was a shoot of growth from her side!

I walked on and before I realized it my eyes were drawn to:

I was called to pause and study this small pine tree trying to grow between the hard stones firmly embedded in the soil.

As I walked I remembered being in Iceland and walking on the Lava Field and there nestled in a hole in the hard lava was a sweet beautiful flower.

Gaia said,

"You think I'm done?"

"I am never ever done!"

"I am never ever done with anything I create!"

"And that includes my precious human children!"

As children of the Creatress we loose sight of that fact. We question if there is anything else left for us to do. We become disabled and wonder how our New Normal could be anything but devastating. We loose our job, our home, and our animals and we can not imagine that anything new or different will come out of it all.

Goddess is never ever done. She has the power to bring new life out of that which seems dead and hard and dry. She has the magic to blossom within a lava field, out the side of a dead branch and pushing up throw a stone garden!

She will do amazing things with all of her children if we are but open to her seeds, her water and her nutrients! She has much left to do with each of us!

Blessed be!


  1. so true,,, she is Never done Creating... great post

  2. As always, your post reflects my very thoughts. Love coming here.