Friday, May 31, 2013

The rest of the Story

In my Vision with the Goddess, she told me I would be entering into the suffering of a certain family to end the paternal lineage of a genetic makeup full of emotional, sexual, and physical abuse of others.

She also assured me my life would be "doing good for others."

Goddess sent me into this Mission with gifts to enter the suffering of the Many, not just this one family. And she blessed me with the Gift of not seeing it as a Burden, but as a true Calling. I love "helping" others. And I do it well.

Goddess chose a family of origin for me where I would be the oldest. She chose a family where I would be raised with a sense of purpose and with a knowing of "helping the neighbor while loving the neighbor," Unbeknownst to me I was being prepared to enter social work as a career and to fulfill my main purpose of entering the marriage family.

But I was very different from my family of origin. I have always been the "black sheep" of the family but known for my outreach to those without a voice, those marginalized, those who live in their own suffering world. But as I was entering the suffering lives of others I was living my own suffering life in order to complete my mission.

After 30 years, Goddess told me my part of the Mission was complete and I was able to leave the marriage family.

But I have not stopped "helping others." That my friends is the Biggest Gift and Mission of this Life Journey!

I have laid to rest the Mission of ending a patriarchal line of abuse. My heart grieves of the choices made and the disease had by all those men and for the impact their choices and disease had on their wives and children. My heart cries for all the lost opportunities of health as these men chose not to acknowledge their illness which meant not getting help. But that I could not change nor was I asked to do that.

Balance called me to make a major impact in the lives of others!

I often wondered how I could be so successful in the lives of those I entered while a social worker, or the lives of hurting friends, family and co workers; and yet be so unsuccessful in my marriage family. But now I understand.

I have had a good life. Sometimes the married life has overshadowed the rest of my life, but now it no longer does. I will always revisit those 30+ years to look at lessons learned and rejoice in the birth of my children! I love them both so very much!

And I will continue my Path of being honored when Another invites me into their Life! That my friend is the biggest Honor of All!

Blessed be!

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