Saturday, January 3, 2015


First Vision for Quest 2015!
(during massage! I told you she has healing hands, I have my best visions during my massages!)

Very aware of my Chakras. Went through and aligned them. I then sensed energy being pulled up through my roots and traveling the vascular system. I then sensed energy pouring in through my Crown; tips of branches. This Pouring In and Pulling into Cycled through me. I then realized:

I became Grandmother Tree, standing Regal and Tall Gazing over the Lake, Mountains, Oceans, Plains, and Valleys. The Energy pouring from Goddess Spirit and the Energy pulling up from Mother Earth, Pachamama, coursing through my body: Here is my story!

I was once a young Sapling, Tender, Fragile, Untested, Grown from Seed in a Hot House, protected from the outside world. A Tree Farmer took me and Planted me in His Field of Knowing. He Dug the Hole, He Fertilized with His Sperm, His knowledge, His Water. I did not like the Taste of This Field, but didn't know there were Different Fields.

I Grew~~
But if a Branch Grew not to His Liking, He Cut off the Branch leaving an Open Wound in my Bark.

I Grew~~
More Painful Pruning, more His Fertilizer, more His Knowledge.

I Grew~~ I Questioned~~ I Wondered~~

My Roots went Deep~~~ Deep into Pachamama~~~~I FOUND HER! 

As I Soaked in Her Water, Her Nutrients, I also Soaked in Her Wisdom and Knowledge. When He Pruned, two Branches Grew in its place; branches returned from the Old Wounds. Sister Sun and Grandmother Moon poured Energy into my Crown.

I Knew~~~~

One Day I KNEW I could leave His Forest and like the ENTS, I pulled up my Deep Roots and left; left His Forest, His Fertilization, His Knowledge and Action of Destruction, Harm, Power and Control.

New Forests of Pachamama awaited my Arrival. Planted where I now did my Own Pruning if needed, Drank Deeply from Water Goddess.
And I Grew Tall, Strong, Regal, Rooted in the Truth of the Divine Female, the Earth Mamma, of all the Ancient ones! 


Blessed be! 

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