Sunday, January 11, 2015

Poppet work in progress!

I am fairly new using Poppets in my Magick. I have worked with Poppets a few times and seen wonderful outcomes. I now take on a bigger project and wanted to share with you and ask for you to stand with me and send energy.

It is for my son.

My son is 33 years old, single, and struggles with Depression. He is very intelligent, has a college degree and is an incredible swim coach for a high school team during the school year and a summer league in the summer.

That being said, he has been working as an Aide with Autistic Elementary school for the past few years for minimum wage and no benefits. In the Fall he began a Masters Program in Occupational Therapy at Radford University. He took out a loan and drove 45 minutes every day to attend classes. He could not be employed, due to the amount of work required for this 2 year program (a stipulation by the program!) and all the classes being during the day.

My son is very bright and really doesn't have to attend classes to learn, but he does love the interaction with others. But he found out, that the professors were judgmental, bias, racial at times and very very Christian in their speech and requirements (he is an atheist and makes no bones about it! )   He went into a bit of depression one week and asked for special services through the Disability Department. There is a waiting time and so he went to his professors and asked for the time away from class telling them he would email the readings, papers, etc. to them. They all refused, saying he had to be in class or would fail.

By midterm, the religious and mental health discrimination was so bad he had to quit school. Of course, this was past the drop/add period and the school has refused to reimburse his money. He has met with the heads of the department and the Disability Department with no results. He does not have the money to get a lawyer. Of course, another failure for him and he is hitting a low again!

So Mama Bear has gone to work: here is the Poppet I made this week:

After making the Poppet, I took it to the Sisterhood Altar I tend and lit Sage. I let the Sage surround him with the power and energy of the request as I spoke the intention and the rune names and meanings. I have done this every night for 3 nights so far.

I keep the Poppet laying on my Altar inside with quarters at the head, both arms and legs (do you see the pentacle?) I also have now placed stones for grounding of the request and energy from the stones.

I will keep doing this until my son receives what he is due. He has excellent documentation and has it all submitted for consideration. He wants to look at another program, hopefully in NC, but must resolve this situation first as the loan will come due in the next few months and he doesn't have the money to pay it back.

So, that is my Poppet Magick! I have not been "taught" how to do this! I am just asking and listening to my inner Witch! Suggestions always welcome!

Thank you for sending your energy to my son!

Blessed be and love!