Monday, June 4, 2012


I love love love getting mail! It's not as much fun as it use to be tho' since people just don't write letters and put them in the mailbox with a stamp anymore. It is a lost art and I am sorry to see it go. I love getting mail!

There is something about holding that card or letter in my hand as I read the words penned just for me! And yes, as an environmentalist I know that it is a waste of trees, but I must admit I miss that whole experience. If we have to loose trees for paper then stop all the junk mail that comes for me to throw away and encourage the lost art of picking up pen and paper and taking the time to jot a note or letter to someone (which I keep in sacred boxes and love to reread)! I still write to the last four remaining aunts and uncles I have in my life. They say I am the only one who sends them cards and letters on a regular basis and how important it is to them.

Nope....sorry, but for me; getting a thank you note in an email just doesn't have the same feel to it; but hey, I'm turning 60 in a few months and still long for most of the "olden days!"

So when I did this SoulCollage card a few years ago it spoke less to me about receiving mail in my mail box and more to me about Waiting. Waiting is also a lost art. We don't wait well as a People any more. We don't like lines, we get frustrated with "slow" responses from wait staff and from doctors, and we certainly hate to have someone tell us we will have to wait for anything. One of our favorite sayings is, "I can't wait for....."

In our frustration with "waiting" we become irritable and demanding and we sulk and we pout. Like letter writing and snail mail, it is a lost art.

So when I made this SoulCollage card it asked the question: "What am I waiting for?" Admit it, we all have this sense of "waiting." Some are waiting for the birth of a new baby or a proposal of marriage. Some of us are waiting for death to finally come or waiting for a much beloved person to return after a long time away. And then there are those of us who just have this sense of Waiting. I seem to be one of these people.

It is not a bad Energy, this Waiting, but it is a daunting one. Am I waiting for the "next shoe to fall?" Am I waiting for the Chicken Little Sky to fall? Or am I Waiting to see what Goddess has next in store for me? Am I waiting for my kids to grow up and finally be on their own or am I waiting to see how this Old Age will turn out? Am I waiting to go to the Olympics just to come home and wait to go somewhere else? Or am I waiting to fully embrace the life I have and not rush the waiting for the next stage, the next Turn of the Wheel, the next crossroads on the Path.

The Waiting Journey for me is one that I seem to be called to Travel.

Right now I am waiting for my daughter to get up so I can take my shower and use her hair dryer. I am waiting to take her to the doctor to finally get this procedure done. And then I will be waiting to see how she reacts and in two days I will be waiting for the airplane to go home.

Waiting....what does it look like for you? What are you Waiting for? Or are you one of those blessed people who move through life experiencing one ah-ha moment after another because you are able to not have to be bound to the Waiting Game!

I wish I was one of those people! Now I will wait to see how many people read my blog! I may just be a hopeless case! I'll wait and see!

Blessed be!


  1. Sister... I've tried to call this to the attention of so many! You've got it down-pat. It is up to you, my dear Sunshine... whether to WAIT... or to ACT.

  2. I think that waiting has been something I've had to learn. I never used to wait. I pushed on ahead whether it was a good idea, bad idea, someone else's idea, someone else's timing...whatever...I didn't wait. I just made it happen. It has taken some time for me to hear that whisper, "wait." Wait to be sure. Wait for the heavy emotions to pass. Wait until you are in your right mind. Wait. I am so grateful for the ability. I wish I had discovered it in my youth. It would have transformed my life. But I guess I had to wait until now.

    I really like the SoulCollage card. Waiting is exactly the message I got from it.