Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gaia's Garden

She beckoned me outside tonight. I was really tired and didn't want to take a walk, but at 8:30pm; as the Sun was setting in the West; She beckoned me. So I put on my tennis shoes and set out to walk in the cool evening air. June and the air is cool in South Carolina; how surprising!

As I walked She drew my attention to a very large cloud in the sky and I stopped and marveled at the size and reflected on how different the clouds look when flying above them and how many people have never seen the top side of clouds! 

And She beckoned me on; telling me not to linger here. So I continued on my walk; the usual walk I have done a thousand times here in my apartment complex. I walked and acknowledged the group of people standing around drinking a beer and laughing at a neighbor's story. I listened to a few birds saying good night to each other and I noticed people turning on the lights in their apartments as the shadows of the evening crept into their living spaces.

And as I turned the corner I stopped dead in my tracks. I heard Gaia whisper: "I painted this for you!" There in front of me; there in the sky was an incredible painting like none I had ever seen. There in front of me were colors I can hardly describe; there in front of me was Beauty and it took my breath away. I could imagine Gaia sitting on a stool and taking her paint brush and creating this incredible picture and it was just for me! How do I know? She told me so. I looked around and where there were many people there were now none. I listened and could not hear anyone speaking. Around me the buildings and cars disappeared and I was transported into this painting; enveloped inside the Beauty. I reached inside my shorts pockets and realized that I had left my camera at home. I was so disappointed and then I realized that I was to memorize this painting and place it securely inside one of the rooms of my heart; held there for eternity!

I stood there for what felt like Eons and Eons; I stood there unable to move; I stood there with an Awe that filled my soul with Love and Light! And Gaia whispered to me: "The Garden is still here my daughter! I never threw anyone out of the Garden! I created this place for my Children; all my Children! This my Daughter is The Garden, let's Walk!"

And so we did. I must admit I walked backwards until the sky painting was out of sight hoping that the picture would be etched into my mind forever! As I turned, it seemed that everything had a different hue to it; as if I was looking through a Veil; not quite clear but not quite blurry either. Just very very different. The sky changed colors as I walked my usual path on the street of the apartment complex, but I began to gaze at the trees and the grass and the flowers and was transported to a time before we had asphalt and buildings and before we forgot how to care for the Garden.

And Gaia whispered to me: "The Hebrew and Christian Religions stole My Garden. They created a story that took My Garden and turned it into a place where My Children are no longer welcome. How could I be so cruel? How could I be so unforgiving? I would never throw anyone or anything out of what I created! It is beyond my understanding of even how to do that! It is time to reclaim the knowledge that we all live in The Garden. Do you think it is still beautiful?"

"Are you kidding me?" I found myself saying out loud! "Come and Walk with me!" She said.

And we ended up going to the lake. As soon as I stepped onto the pathway I began to giggle! You see She had more to show me. I stopped and felt the joyfulness of a child. They were here: Lightening Bugs!

Now remember I didn't have my camera so this is not a picture I took, but this was the sight I saw! Lightening bugs leading me to the Lake! I skipped, I laughed, I twirled around trying to take them all in. And She said to me, "Are you having fun?" I almost said, "No shit Sherlock!" but I thought that would be a bit disrespectful so I just said, "YES!"

"This is My Garden, Sunshine! It's been here all the time, but My Children are too busy to play in it, to care for it, to enjoy living in My Garden! No one has been thrown out!!!!"

I found myself dancing to the Lake and there as I rounded the corner was this Body of Nourishing Water glistening in the fading Sunlight of this Day! And I stood and thanked Gaia for all that She Created and for spending time with me in the Garden. And I danced! I danced and I think I heard Grandmother Tree laugh.

And then it was time to go home. I didn't want to, but it was as if Gaia was telling me that our time was finished and I knew I had to come home and write this out. I slowly walked back up the path and the lightening bugs flew right beside me and then stopped as I walked back on the road. I turned around and their light was gone, the sky had darkened and the clouds were beginning to fade away.

It was magick! It was Divine!

I am so glad I no longer believe that the story of The Garden and Adam and Eve is true. I gave it up a long time ago, but this was the first time that Gaia and I had talked about it. Well, I think She did most of the talking; I listened and soaked up the Glory of what She had to Speak to me tonight.

The Garden! Gaia's Garden! It is where we Live! It is Hers and She made it for Us...all of and me; the wolves, the snakes and the spiders, the rocks and the trees and even the buildings and the cars and boats!

The Garden! Our Home; Her Home! She Created it just for Me...and for You.....and for All!

Thanks be to the Goddess!

Blessed be!

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