Saturday, June 16, 2012

My first name is Order!

She wanted to talk to me so I put on my tennis shoes and went for a walk even tho' it would probably make me be late for work. She wanted to talk to me and I knew it on some level but I have been tired lately after my back to back trips to Florida and have been missing my morning walk and it has been too hot for an evening one. But She wanted to talk to me!

The walk began like most of my walks. I am amazed at the awakenings going on around me and I spend time giving thanks and praise to Goddess and I lift up those who are in need of Her special touch. Then I begin to think about what I had ahead of me that day. But this morning would be different. She wanted to talk to me.

As I looked around during my walk I was struck by the Order before and beside me. Even when I walked in the forest to the Lake it seemed as if all the trees, shrubs, flowers had been had placed in an order that was pleasing to the eye. I thanked Goddess for this Order. You see, Order is my first name! Yeah, people think it is Deb or Sunshine, but know Order is really my name!

And She wanted to talk to me.

I had been reviewing my life and thought about how in each job, whether paid or volunteering, I found myself bringing Order out of Chaos' I spent so long in my marriage trying to do the same. I succeeded in each job and when I left each people were not sure how the work would continue without me. (please don't get me wrong! I am not patting myself on the back, just telling it how it has been). I blessed and was blessed every where Goddess put me. I know it is Her and not me. And it is the same at this new job I have had almost 1 year.

And Goddess said this to me: "You have been wondering about your Purpose on this Life Journey. I am now here to tell you what it has been and is; and you will know it is the Truth. You are my Vessel to bring Order into places of Chaos which brings peace and love as a residual effect of your agreeing to be that said Vessel. You bring that Gift  everywhere you go. A lot of times people do not appreciate your Gift of Order, but they are in need of it when you bring it. That includes visits to your daughter. What I want you to know is that Chaos is man made! Even man tries to convince each other that chaos exists in Nature, but in fact it is Divine Order that they do not understand. You understand and thus you see the Order in Creation and you see the Chaos in the Man Made world. You are not are Order! It is a gift and I am so pleased that you use it with grace and with humor and with blessing. And you will continue to be Order until you are called back to me."

I thought about this as I continued my walk and then the rest of the day. This is very true. I am always ready to think ahead about how something can be done in a more orderly and efficient way; how to best make the job less stressful which usually means applying Order to an already difficult task. It is what energizes me; it is what makes me feel complete; it is what I do the best! But I have seen it as a curse, mainly because there have been too many people who have seen it as an intrusion and an annoyance and I have been told that I was OCD (by people not by a clinician).

Now I am comfortable with knowing I am pouring into the world what Goddess so desperately needs me to pour. She has not called everyone to pour out Order; She has given other gifts to other Children; but to me she has given Order. There was a peace in this message and I am glad I took the walk!

Listen when She calls your name as She has a message for you!

Blessed be!

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  1. Oh this is wonderful!!! I am so happy for you. I remember this coming up a lot when we were doing soulcollage together. It was on your mind then. I'm so glad that Goddess has put your mind and heart at rest about this and you know what a gift your sense of order is. Gosh, I just love you so much! <3