Saturday, June 30, 2012

What a difference a Day can Make!

I have wanted to blog all week. But being the Sports Geek that I am, I have been distracted by Wimbledon Tennis and the Olympic Swimming, Track and Field and Gymnastics Trials! So, here it is Saturday afternoon and I have shut off the TV for a moment to enjoy a few minutes writing about my walk this week on Monday and Tuesday.

What a difference a day can make! On Monday, I found myself walking at 6am and it was cloudy, warm and humid. Really stifling is the word that comes to mind. As I walked around my apartment complex I began to notice all the dried up plants hanging on many of the balconies. Ferns and other plants were brown as brown could be! I was really surprised and wondered why that had happened. We had not yet come into these early Dog Days of Summer with over 100 degree days, so I wondered if people just forgot to water them or if they were all bought at the same place and were sick to begin with. I also noticed the trash left by some people and began to complain in my head about residents who didn't seem to care about where they live! When I got home I was sweaty and really kind of irritable.

Now fast forward to Tuesday. I woke up at 6am with the windows open to find it 58 degrees outside! I couldn't wait to take my walk. As I walked I listened to the birds singing; I was awed by the wispy clouds in the sky and I excitedly noticed the tomatoes growing on one man's balcony and all the beautiful baskets of flowers on so many others! The Sun was gorgeous, the Lake was glistening and I found myself singing a happy tune! When I got home I stopped in my tracks and thought, "OMG....what a difference a day makes!" Nothing had changed except the weather. The dead plants were still on the same balconies but I didn't notice them, the healthy baskets had been on the balconies and I had noticed them.

In light of the huge damaging storms that raced from Ohio through Virginia yesterday, I am sure many are thinking the same thing. Those people were bracing for the high temperatures forecast for the weekend; not a large wind storm called a "derecho". What a difference a day makes. 500,000 without electricity during the hottest days on record isn't what was planned for yesterday or today for that matter!

We try and try to plan our days in the Garden. We have our lists; we have checked it twice and then something happens to shoot it all to hell and we are left irritable and wondering what went wrong. But this is life in the Garden, right? As humans we so want the power and control, but then an event in Nature comes along and we loose that power; figuratively and literally! Gaia still has the power we so desperately want.

But in the tragedy we see those who are offering up their chain saws on facebook to those who live in their area; my sister who just happened to be visiting her in-laws in Roanoke, Virginia this weekend was there to go check on our elderly aunt and uncle who couldn't be raised by telephone (she found them without electricity and no water and refusing to leave...don't know the outcome of that situation yet); and shelters being set up for those needing a place to cool off and have food and water. We do step up when we are needed!

Wouldn't it be nice if that was the way we walked through the Garden every day?

Oh what a difference a day makes!

Blessed Be! 

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