Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fractured Fairy Tale: The Dancer

Once Upon A Time She Danced! Oh how She Danced! She Twirled, she Jumped, she Plied, she Tapped and she Leaped like no other.

She seemed to have invisible Wings that Carried her through the Air. It was like she was Dancing on the Clouds.

She Danced! Oh how she Danced!

And They came to watch her Dance! They oooed and aahhed! They Clapped and Roared! They sat in Amazement and she Danced!

She Fell! Most unexpected was this Fall! And the Dancing stopped. The Lights went out. The People Disappeared.

Tears were Cried in the Pits of the Darkness. And the Dancing Stopped. The Dancing stopped for a very very long Time.

Sadness! Oh how much Sadness!

He came in a Dream. He came to Dance with Her. But she had Forgotten. Her Legs no longer Moved. Her Arms laid Heavy by her Side.

But he Believed! He Believed in her! He Believed for her!

He came in a Dream and their Hearts Re-membered the Steps of the Dance. Their Hearts Jumped, Tapped, Plied and Leaped. Their Hearts flowed through the Air as if on invisible Wings.

She Danced. Oh how she Danced. She Danced as he Believed, in her and for her!

Their Hearts Re-membered the Wholeness of the Dance.

Balance Restored by Love!

The End!

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