Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fractured Fairy Tale: Drumming

Once Upon a Time the Drumming began. The Call was going out for Women of all Ages to Circle where ever they were.

The Drumming Sounds permeated the Air, the Oceans, the Mountains, Trees and Ground. The Drumming Seeped into their Minds and Hearts.

Once Upon a Time the Drumming Began! It was Time, but not All were Open to Her Voice. Not All could Circle, not All Remembered.

The Great Memory Loss covered the Ears, Hearts, Minds and Souls of Women. The Great Memory Loss Veiled those the Drums were Calling into Circle. The Great Memory Loss Stole the Energy of the Goddess.

The Drumming became Louder. Circles Grew larger but still there were those Unable to Hear; those with no One to Teach them to Listen and Respond.

But the Drums would Not be Stilled. The Drums would Not be Silenced. The Drums were Calling for the Great Re-Membering Ritual!

Some Women always Knew and Spoke Openly only to be Silenced by Torture and Death. Some Women always Knew and Spoke Quietly to Others over Tea and Small Cakes. Most Women had Lost the Ability to Know. These Women needed Those who Knew to Help Re-Member.

The Drumming will Not Cease! The Drumming is the Mother's Heartbeat and She is ready to give Birth to Her Daughters.

The Great Memory Loss is Ending its Reign over Women!

Listen Sisters of all Ages and Prepare for your Delivery!

Once Upon a Time the Drumming Continued.......

The End!

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