Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fractured Fairy Tale: The Gathering

Once Upon A Time there was only Darkness. No Stars, No Moon, No Sun, No Planets, No Light. Only Darkness!

And yet They Gathered!

Young and Old, They Gathered! They Gathered to Uncover the Light.

They arrived from all over the Planet. They arrived on Foot, in Carriages, on Horseback, on Magic Carpets and Brooms.

The Witches, the Seers, the Mystics and the Healers. They Gathered as the Great Darkness smothered the Earth.

The Religious had found a way to bring the Darkness into Being. Power and Control Dimmed the Light. Speaking Evil more than Goodness finally Pulled all the Plugs.

And so They Gathered!

They were the only Ones NOT filled with Fear. While the rest of the World cowered, wailed and beat their breasts, They Gathered!

The Elves, the Fae, the Trolls, the Tree People, the Animals, the Rock People. They Gathered!

They had Waited and They had Watched knowing Darkness was Coming. It was being Called in by those full of Hate but calling it Love.

And so they Gathered!

The Birds of the Air, the Fish and Mammals of the Great Seas, the Dragons and Unicorns,.

And as They Gathered, Stars began to Twinkle, sparingly at first, but then Sending Messages of Encouragement for the Journey.

As the Fireflies arrived, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and the Others took their rightful places in the Sky.

They Gathered!

Oh so slowly the Heartbeat of Mother began to Pulsate in the Heavens. And the Cloak of Darkness disintegrated. There in Glory was Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun!

Those who had always held the Light Gathered. And they filled the Earth!

And Goddess Smiled as Her Garden Returned!

The Beginning!

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