Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sometimes Revelation comes in the quiet of the night!

Sometimes Revelation comes in the quiet of the night while reading a most amazing book.

Sometimes Awareness of ones life comes in vivid words laid out on a page of a book written years ago, but just now comes into hands that have been waiting for a read at such a Time as this!

Sometimes it is Time to embrace where one is on this Life Journey and cease looking back and concentrate on Being!

Sometimes is Now Time!

The Great Cosmic Mother co-written by Monica Sjoo &Barbara Mor has changed my life forever. The Sometime is Now Time!

It is simple really. I have known since my teen years that I saw the Divine, who made me in Her Image, as Feminine! I didn't have the words when I was a teen, but what I did know was that there was something totally wrong about the way our society treated and viewed women. I knew that the church, business, government made rules and decisions that kept women as "less than" and took every opportunity possible to demean, abuse and deny rights to women. And I became a radical feminist.

But I still was apart of a church that did so much damage to so many and filled people with fear as the male leaders used their patriarchal power and control to reinforce and encourage misogyny, racism, and sexism. I was still a part of the work force that did not pay women the same as men. I was still a part of a government that tried to deny women the rights to make decisions regarding their own bodies. And I was married to a man who was addicted to pornography and treated women as sex objects with disdain. I had a love/hate relationship with them all.

Finally, I realized that I had to leave the church and my husband and totally embrace in thought, word and deed the Goddess, paganism and witchcraft. I am a vocal spokeswoman for them all.

But wait, this is not the Revelation I have as a result of this marvelous book. But you see, without all my past encounters with the misogynist institutions and family members, I would not have been ripe for the Revelation!

I was a social worker for 35 years. I worked with families caught in the cycle of abuse; with families torn apart by such so that their children had to come into foster care; with pregnant and parenting teens and the elderly on the last part of their journey. I was dedicated and very good at what I did. I knew this was the way Goddess was pouring HerSelf out into the world: using me as Her Vessel.

I then retired from this work and tried my hand at other jobs, and now find myself working part time as an accounts payable assistant.


Well, you see for the past 4 years I have been struggling with no longer "serving my neighbor". I kept thinking I should be volunteering, etc. Every now and again I would give my parents money to donate to their food bank, etc.

Revelation? Get to the point, Deb!

Yep, that quiet night as I was reading, I realized that I had in fact done what I came here to do.

That quiet night, I realized that I did not have to volunteer, give money, etc (unless I want too!) to have a purpose in life and to help my neighbor.


I help others every breath I take. I help others, women in particular, as I speak out to my conservative family members, as I educate others on the Goddess, and as I listened to a co-worker as she made the decision to put her cat down today.


I am now preparing myself for the rest of my Life Journey here and in doing that I am preparing myself for my next Life Journey.

It felt kind of weird when that Revelation came to me. It was as if I was saying my time was done here. And I could hear Goddess Laugh! Why must endings be like....The End! Vamous! Out of here!


I am finished with that part of my life. I am now ready to step into the next which has as a large component: relaxing into the woman I have always been, but now AM!  And most of all Being Present. Not looking back to see where I have been and why I am no longer there, and really not looking forward as to what I should be doing. But Being Present!


Yep, pretty simple I know, but big for me. And what did it take but a Powerful Book in my hands at just the right time. Not too early, not too late, but exactly right!

Amazing how She works, right?

Blessed be! 


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    1. Feisty what a long road each of us must walk as wombyn traveling in a patriarchal world. Thank you so much for being on this road with me. And thank you for reading my blog and making your insightful comments. I will keep you posted on my travels! Love and hugs!

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  3. Brilliant dear Sister .. just brilliant. What you have done with yourself & your life is nothing short of wondrous. I have great respect for anyone who can accomplish what you have done. I wish you the Brightest Joy & Happiness in your journey .. I believe you will inspire many ~ including me ^_^

    1. Thank you so much Susie! As Women we all have such a struggle at times. I am sure you have an inspiring story to tell too. As Women, the Keepers of Herstory, we must speak it boldly! Hugs!

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    1. <3 <3 <3! As always thank you for your love and support!

  5. As usual, your post is brimming full of wisdom and honesty. Honesty being just as important as wisdom, although they do go hand in hand. I have never read a book that was life changing but have read many books that add to the changing of my life. You have been through circumstances that made you a strong woman. That strength will carry you through to wherever you choose to go. I love reading of your revelations as well as watching you put them into action! Power on!

    1. Oh Cheryl I am honored with your sisterhood! thank you once again for being on this Goddess road with me! I am holding you tightly in my heart as we continue to travel together!