Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bathing in the Forest!

Forest bathing
"The Japanese term Shinrin-yoku may literally mean "forest bathing," but it doesn't involve soaking in a tub among the trees. Rather it refers to spending time in the woods for its therapeutic (or bathing) effect. Most of us have felt tension slip away in the midst of trees and nature’s beauty. But science now confirms its healing influence on the body. When you spend a few hours on a woodland hike or camping by a lake you breathe in phytoncides, active substances released by plants to protect them against insects and from rotting, which appear to lower blood pressure and stress and boost your immune system." ~Mother Nature Network

 I was thinking about this teaching as I was taking my walk today. I waited until the rain ended and then took off into the Forest. As I was walking along and chanting: "Mother, Mother, Earth, Earth! I hear your Heartbeat, your Heartbeat, your Heartbeat; it began to sprinkle. Just a bit, but enough for me to know. I walked further into the forest as the leaves got slicker and the puddles were calling to be jumped into; and I stopped! 

I stopped and let myself be bathed in the Forest! 

I breathed in the "phytoncides" and the oxygen being produced by the trees, some still bare from winter and some already trying to burst forth that beautiful Spring Green! And the rain came down and I stood. 

And what I thought was this: isn't it interesting that we want "science" to affirm what we know deep in our Knowing! Before "science" we Knew how Gaia cares for us. We Knew what it did to our very Souls to stand before a sunset and Know Beauty! We knew that in doing so, we were calmer, more focused and having an experience with the Divine. 

And yet even in this statement we hear the words: "But science now confirms its healing influence on the body." Radical idea, huh? 

And so I stood! I stood in the Knowing of Ancient Ones Who did not have to wait until someone else studied it all to say, "Hey we should go on a hike so we can breathe in "phytoncides!" For ones of us blessed to Know; I guess we just grin and say thank you! 

I left the Forest walk and didn't want to go inside, so I continued on my walk around the apartment complex. A woman in a hooded raincoat was walking her dog and said, "You need a hat mam!" I just nodded and said thank you. For you see, she didn't Know that I had been Shrinrin-yoku and wanted to rinse off!

Yep, I was drenched when I got home. Yep, my mom would say I am going to catch a cold. But my answer to her is, "Nope, mom, I received my antibiotic for the day! It's called "Phytoncides" or "Bathing in the Forest". Unfortunately she will not understand either. 

Go outside! You don't have to be actually in the Forest. There are plants and trees everywhere! Just embrace the Knowing, that already in place are the things we need to nourish us, heal us, and strengthen us. Thank you Science for affirming what we already know! 

See you later, the Cardinals are at the Feeders and I must go and listen to their story of how they just got back from Shrinrin-yoku! Maybe my hair will dry quicker that way! 

Blessed be! 



  1. What a wonderful post Sis! I plan on doing lots of Forest Bathing too! Love you!

    1. I am so happy that you live near a park the woods. Yes, you will do a lot of forest bathing this spring, summer and fall! Thanks as always for supporting my writing! love you!

  2. What a beautiful post. I agree with you on everything. I did not know it was called shrinrin-yoku or the proper name for the energy we inhale from the plants-phytoncides. I, like you, have always rejoiced in nature. There is definitely healing from our great Gaia. I learned new things from your post and will think of it often when I am in the woods or just outside anywhere. Thank you!

    1. Cheryl, you live in a beautiful forest and I know you receive so much healing energy from her. I too had never heard of those words and am always excited to learn new things, although I must admit I won't be able to just use those words in conversation! LOL! Thank you once again for following my blog and supporting me. Much love!