Friday, March 21, 2014


I have been reading this amazing book for quite a while now. It is a book that I must savor and let nourish my soul. It is not a book where I want to hurry through so I can get to the end. It is a book that challenges me and at the same time seeps deep into my soul.

And so one day last week I began the chapter Prophecies. This following 110 pages of stories of the 13 indigenous grandmothers who are deeply concerned with the unprecedented destruction of our Mother Earth, the atrocities of war, the global scourge of poverty, the prevailing culture of materialism, the epidemics that threaten the health of the Earth's peoples, and the destruction of indigenous ways of life.

"We, the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, believe that our ancestral ways of prayer, peacemaking, and healing are vitally needed today...We believe that the teachings of our ancestors will light our way through an uncertain future." (back cover)

So back to last week. Here is the point of my blog (plus encouraging all to read this book!)

"The Grandmothers say that the circle of life was broken around five hundred years ago when the white people first came to the Americas. They came, according to Hopi legend, forgetting the original teachings of the Creator. When He gathered the peoples of the Earth together on an island that is now beneath the waters, He told them, "I am going to send you in the four directions, and over time, I am going to change you into four colors. But I am going to give each of you certain teachings, and when you come back together, you will share these teachings with each other. Then you can live together and have peace upon the Earth, and a great civilization will come about." (115)

I could read no further as I was taken back to a time that I now understand was my own Prophecy from the Goddess that mirrored this very Hopi legend.

I was in my second year of Christian seminary (following retirement) and had been dying to get out of there from the first summer I arrived. It was getting harder and harder to sit in the classes and listen to all the patriarchal doctrine and dogma that was being crammed down my throat. But now I see this as being a necessary step in my journey back to the Goddess and to the exit of this religion.

So, I had been in a class and once again had been in debate with the professor. This time I pounded my fist on the table and walked out, hardly about to breathe I was so angry at the brainwashing that I had participated in for so long, angry that I had tried so hard to make changes within this system that would never change, so angry....oh I was just so very angry.

I went straight into the chapel and fell to my knees in one of the pews and began to sob. Here is what happened:

An amazing light filled the small chapel and I was overcome with a sense of peace. As I looked up I should have gazed right at the huge cross hanging on the wall, but instead there was Goddess and this is what She said to me:

"In the Beginning I Created it all! When I created human women and men, I gave each of them a message to take with them into my beautiful Garden. But the message was different for each of them; just different enough that groups would find one another, and join their voices to the message they had similar. These groups would then begin the journey to the center of the Labyrinth where they would find the Great Cosmic Puzzle. Here they would join all their pieces together and finally live in peace and sacred civilization and would have the Great Understanding. But alas, I also gave my children the gift of Decision; the knowledge of how to do no harm to each other or to my Garden; I gave them the Gift of Choice.

Sadly my Children began to believe the messages of the Patriarchal gods who were filled with the desire to bring down my Garden, to redefine the meaning of living together, and soon power and control took over the original message of peace, and love and cooperation. What has resulted has been Turf Wars over "their piece of the puzzle." The journey to the Cosmic Puzzle has ceased, all because I gave my children Choice. And I am filled with great Sadness but am not without Hope.

Holding on to each message as if it were their own to keep and telling others that their message is the only message worth listening to, is destroying the Garden and all who live in it.

But my lovely Daughter, the Sea is being churned by those such as you. My Daughters are slowing reclaiming their Messages and are beginning to swim to the Puzzle. For you see, my dear, You are the ones who have the pieces of Truth. You, my precious Daughters, the Maidens, the Mothers, the Crones, you have to make this Journey alone now. And the Journey will be hard because the War has gotten so Big. The Patriarchal Religions have poisoned so many minds and the Beautiful Choice I once gave as a Gift has been thrown in the Trash Dumps which now over flow, poisoning my Waters, my Soil, my Air and now even my Cosmos!

You were right to come to this place and soon you will begin your part of the Journey. This is the place where the chains will be broken and when you leave you will find others with similar Messages and join them in the Great Puzzle Discovery.

Go my Daughter, go into the Garden and carry the Message I have instilled in Your Heart."

And She was then gone. I knelt there until my knees began to ache. I knelt there until my feet went numb. I knelt there until I realized I was on Hallowed Ground and it had nothing to do with being in a Chapel.

It took me some time to digest this vision. Luckily I only had 3 more months until graduation, and as I walked up to get my Diploma (which I was sure would be a burning stake as I was being called a Witch on campus anyway) I knew the Truth was not found in the classes I took, in the worship services I had endured, but in the Message given to me that day on my knees.

We are all on this Journey toward the Final Cosmic Puzzle. We each have a message encoded in our very Souls by the Creatrix HerSelf! We have Forgotten and now we must Remember!

Blessed be on your Journey! Blessed be as we come together and embrace all the Prophecies that are held within us! Blessed be! Blessed be!


  1. I belonged to the Councils web group for a while. It was so interesting and I so believe every word they said. I didn't know you had the experience you amazing. I agree that we are stirring the waters..bringing the Goddess back to where She belongs. With us!!!! Love you, Autumn

  2. loved sharing in your story!! we all have our transformation stories and release from the patriarchal ...for most of us it is as simple as re-membering....from where we came!!! ♥ U!! <*)