Monday, March 24, 2014

Blogger Awards

I have been honored by my sister witch Autumn Earthsong with two blog awards! She awarded me both and I was very happy to receive them. You can find her amazing blog at

The first award is:

For this Award I am to use the entire alphabet to tell you things about myself:

A: I love Gala Apples
B: I have been named the Birthday Witch; Brown Bear is my birth totem
C: I don't Color in the Lines; never did!
D: My son is David
E: I am Energetic, but not as much as I use to be!
F: Flowers
G: Generous is my middle name
H: I am Happy most of the time
I: I Have been to Iceland and would love to live there
J: Jello is my least favorite food!
K: Kitchen is my least favorite place in my apartment!
L: Love, Light, Listening Ear
M: More peace, More Love, More compassion
N: Native American heritage; Cherokee
O: Open
P: Peace
Q: Quality over quanity
R: Rivers
S: My daughter is Stephanie
T: Truth
U: Unity
V: Violets
W: Winter, Wolves, Witches
X: x-uberant!
Y: Yellow Daffodils are my favorite flowers
Z: Zero gray hairs on my 61 year old head! argggg!

Now to the second award:

Now I am to tell you 11 things about myself:

1. Sunshine was my hippie name and is now my Witch name!
2. I am 61 years old and love it!
3. I have a son and a daughter, ages 33 and 30. I adore both of them and have loved being on their Earth Journey.
4. I first identified as a Witch when I was a teen, despite being raised a Christian. I then covered it up and was enmeshed in that Tradition until 8 years ago when I finally embraced who I really I: a pagan witch!
5. I have been a Radical Feminist for as long as I can remember.
6. I really wish I had been at Woodstock but maybe not since I am such a clean, neat freak!
7. I work my magick in every day life through bringing Light, Love and a Listening ear every where I am.
8. I love snail mail; love sending it and receiving it!
9. I am not a Kitchen Witch! I don't like to cook or grocery shop!
10. I love to write in my blog and my BOS!
11. I have dear friends, most of who I have joined journeys with through facebook!

Once again, thank you Autumn! I am honored and hope that my blog posts touch the hearts of many! I know that most of my posts are hard to digest as they deal with some difficult subjects, but they are all from my heart!

blessed be and much love!

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  1. I am so proud of you. You are an amazing women and friend... Goddess Love Tina