Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gathering with Women

She stands alone gazing at the Full Moon; Listening!

And yet, in reality She stands with All Women throughout Time. All Women of all ages! She Stands; Listening.

When I began blogging a year ago, I named this blog Gaia Speaks. I knew that She spoke to me on my walks, through nature, animals, stones and other humans. She had a message for me from Her and I wanted to share it with others. For you see, We as Women carry the Stories for the next generation. We hold Stories in the Sacred container of our Womb (not just literally) and We Speak them when it is Time. We Speak them in Love and Truth.

But we must Listen! And to do so we must be willing to Stand and Wait!

And as such I have been standing Alone with Goddess; Listening and then Speaking when She asks me to.

Now I Speak as the Mystic Crone!

Yesterday, I spent 2 hours Working with Women. Now, I work every day with women, but this was different. This was Sacred Work. We were clearing a path through the Forest. And this was not just any path; this was a Sacred Path as it will be the way to get to the Earthen Moon's Sweat Lodge.

A wonderful woman, Jamie, has had a Vision on her heart and in her mind of a Sweat Lodge for Women nestled amongst the trees and ivy in her backyard. She and her amazing partner, Alison, have Dreamed of a place where Women will gather for healing, for transformation, for respite, for fun, for support, for learning and for Story Telling!

Women are the Keeper of the Stories remember!

Yesterday 7 Women gathered at Earthen Moon, the home of Jamie and Alison, to work together to assist in the realization of this Dream. Why? Because Spirit called each of our names to arrive at a certain time and place to join our Stories together. It was an honor that Spirit put it upon the heart of Jamie to ask us to gather for a Time such as this.

And we pulled Ivy and got dirty! But most of all we did what Women do when we Gather. We began with a blessing of the land and ourselves and the Dream. We laughed and we teased, but most of all we told Stories. We shared not only our work talents but our hearts and souls in Love and Truth. We looked out after each other, making sure those who needed rest go that rest and those who could reach up higher or were stronger took on those tasks requiring those skills. There was on need to "measure up" or to prove anything. Women don't need to do that you see. We have a Story to tell and Stories to Hold!

Together, we told the Story of how Women Gather! 

And thus we Told the Story of Earthen Moon!

There are Times when we Must Stand Alone to Listen. But even in those Times we Gather with All Women from the Past, the Present and the Future. For We are the One's called to do so and to then Hold the Stories, Tell the Stories and most of all Live the Stories!

So mote it be!


  1. Thank you Sunshine Fae...I will put you on my blogroll!

  2. Beautiful! I love the image you used and your words are so touching and SO RIGHT. I can imagine what a blessed time you all had and will have again at Earthen Moon. What a perfect name.