Friday, January 4, 2013

Simple Pleasures!

So, it just so happens that the Universe has a silly sense of humor sometimes. You see, as soon as I got settled into my cubicle this morning, I had to go to the bathroom! (no, that's not the silly sense of humor I am talking about!) Off I went, down the hall, and into the women's bathroom at 9am. Two out of the three stalls still had the lids up and the chemical cleaners in the water.

I love being the first one to use a clean toilet at work, don't you?

Now, I know, you think I have been hanging out with my brother's dogs for too long and have flipped my ever loving mind, BUT....hang in there with me a minute!

As I was leaving the bathroom I heard a soft voice in my head saying, "Simple Pleasures! That's what life is full of, Simple Pleasures!"

Yep; the Universe has a sense of humor! (and now I am talking about the whole clean toilet excitement on my part!)

But isn't it true and don't we just look right over Simple Pleasures in hopes of those Huge, Mind Blowing Pleasures. (Oh good grief! I am not talking about SEX!!! Well, maybe, but it has been so long, I don't remember what that looks like: huge or mind blowing!)

Oh how I digress.....

Ok, so here is the point! (I think!)

The Universe sets up Simple Pleasures all through our day. Yep, a clean toilet at work is one of them for me. And so today I tried to take notice. Drinking my hot cocoa, grabbing a quick talk with my daughter, putting nice smelling hand lotion on, finishing all my work and going home an hour early, taking a long walk in the brisk afternoon air, sitting on my brother's balcony with three dogs and watching the blazing sunset on the Lake and noticing each star as it appeared in the darkening sky! And I am sure I missed a whole bunch more.

Simple Pleasures: eating left over pizza, drinking a beer and catching up on Facebook! All while listening to the movie Sleepless in Seattle in the background.

My life is really good. I am not rich monetarily by any means; I live alone; and I am pretty healthy for 60 years of age. And I must admit that the Simple Pleasures sure do make for one hell of a good life! I am past the whole needing to change the world or finding a partner who I can have that mind blowing sex with; I am so over the need to see the BIG and Orgasmic happenings! For you see, if I wait for that, then I miss so much! It's the Simple Pleasures that fill our days. And I don't know about you, but I get tired of waiting for the Spectacular and the Sensational! In my 60 years, they most often are overrated!

Hope you have a Simply Pleasurable Life!

Blessed be!


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  2. love this!!! so agree!! it is surely the practice of being in the this moment in time...and savoring that!! every breath a magickal gift...and every experience fresh and i am off to the next joy!!!! <*)

  3. Oh, I don't know...I LIKE the big mindblowing well as a good orgasm. Perhaps you will meet the perfect person for you Sunshine, you have PLENTY of life still in you! Sometimes I LIVE for the big O of Ecstasy, whether ritual, sex, or otherwise.....but heck, don't take away my Ghiradelli chocolate!