Sunday, January 6, 2013

OCD: Organization Control DIVA

So I like things organized. My moto is everything has a place and everything in its place! I like things clean and neat. I don't like a lot of STUFF! I am not a collector but I am sentimental and like to keep things around that house memories and are of antiquity. But even those have their place. I am not OCD!!!!! I refuse to claim that title (I am not talking about the mental health diagnosis here, I am talking about Obsessive Cleaning Disorder). I just like things...neat and orderly, ok!

The fact that I was a Social Worker for 33 years is amazing I guess since people's lives are far from orderly and clean especially if they are as dysfunctional as the families I worked with were. No they are messy and dirty and well yes, very very unorganized.

And I loved every minute of that work. There was something fulfilling about being a vessel to bring order out of chaos! Yes, I even used contracts to help families bring some sort of functionality to their very non- functioning  lives. I didn't even mind helping families clean up the mess of their living quarters as we were cleaning up the messiness of their parenting skills.

Well, I was off from my job for almost 2 weeks and came back to a cubicle full of invoices and purchase orders and mail that had to be sorted and matched. As I stood there gazing at the chaos, I could feel the adrenalin begin to course through these old veins of mine. And I began.

As I began to sort through I looked at my desk and thought: OMG what a mess!!!! This is terrible! It will take me the whole week to make sense out of all of this. And I took a picture. I took a picture so I could see the "mess" on my desk!

When I got home and downloaded the pictures I began to laugh! 

OMG.....when I was sitting there I felt like papers were out all over the place in a state of total chaos! (let me assure you these pictures were taken after I had worked on the numerous piles waiting for me) I laughed because what I see as disorganization, to most would be organized. Look at the neat piles! While I was sitting there I saw continued chaos but in reality there was organization already coming into play!

I wish I had taken a picture at the end of the day. ALL the piles were gone and my desks were totally bare! Ahhhhhhh

Thinking about this led me to a new description of my OCD anachronism : Organization Control Diva! Yes! That is me! I am the Diva of Organization and Control. This is the way I have always been and I guess always will be. It comes naturally.

I don't think there is a support group for my type of OCD. Maybe I should organize one! I could control the meeting times and what snacks we would have; no a better idea would be to delegate the snack job to someone else, but then what would happen if they forgot or brought something everyone didn't want or brought sticky stuff without napkins. Well, I could get someone to be in charge......

Oh hell, I am where is that stack of bills I need to get paid? oh, they are already paid! Never mind!

Blessed be! And blessings on everyone else who shares my new definition of OCD!


  1. i know some folks like that...drives me crazy!!! i like things organized but not so intense.....your messy desk looked perfectly organized to me!!!! i used to know someone who alphabatized the food in the cabinets...NOT....relax and njoy your spaces!!!! ♥

  2. Ahhh wish I had more of your organizational skills. My studio looks like a bomb hit it and my computer desk is almost as bad. Maybe I create out of chaos better than out of order..Your starting desk looks neater than when I finish cleaning! I'll bet you have a very organized mind as well!

  3. Well, I think I need to have you over to help me get organized! Not too much in my vocabulary, to my partner's dismay!