Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ode to Persephone

                                                                Ode to Persephone

Ah Persephone! 
Daughter of the Great Demeter! 
Lover of Hades! 
Maiden of our lives! 

How is it with you in the Underworld? 

Are you preparing yourself to leave the embracing arms of your Lover Hades
    so that you can bring Spring to the Land Above?

Do you remember that you must leave in just a few short months? Leave the soft kisses 
   and the Darkness of the Underworld Lover to join your grieving Mother? 

Do you know that the Upper World anxiously awaits the return of Your Joy and Delight that 
   looks so much like flowers and fruits and green leaves and seeds bursting forth from the cold ground? 

We have missed your smiling face, your joyful laughter, your incredible sense of Fertility and Growth! 

How is it with you in the Underworld? 

Are you preparing to come out into the Sun Light and Dance in the Meadows as they blossom at 
   your feet? Are you preparing to bring us hope that the Sun will warm us, that the ground will sustain us, that our very lives will no longer be trapped in Darkness as you have been for these cold Winter months? 

What do you have to tell us about the Darkness, Persephone? 
What can you tell us about accepting the Love of that which is Unknown and Unseen? 
What can you teach us so we don't get lost in the Underground times of our own lives? How do we find that Pomegranate that allows us respite from our own Darkness? How do we find a Lover amongst the Death and Dying of our Lives?

We patiently await your arrival our dear Sister Persephone! 
We stand with your Mother Demeter at the entrance to the Cave; pacing but knowing we must be patient for Spring comes when the Wheel Turns and we cannot make You arrive any sooner. Your Time with Your Dark Lover has almost come to an end. 

May we see you modeling the willingness to be in the Dark when it is our Time to do so. May we watch as you Love Your Time there, teaching your Sisters that the Darkness is not Forever. May we seek You out, Beautiful Goddess, when we are caught between coming and going; sometimes getting so use to the Darkness that we hesitate to Leave on our own. Or so comfortable with the flowers that we resist the hard decision to travel deep within our own souls.

But just like you, Dear Sister Persephone, we hear the call of Mother to come out and bless the land with light and joy, with smiles and playfulness, until we must go back to rest in the Darkness where we too will find our Hades to Love us even in our Dark Times!  

It is the Way of Women. So much we have to learn from you! So much we must re-member as our very own Feminine Voice calls us to Turn with the Wheel from Spring, to Summer, to Fall and to Winter. Those times where we are called to Listen, Learn and Teach! Thank you dear Persephone! Blessings on your journey to the Upper World! 

Blessed be! 

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