Sunday, March 17, 2013

Demeter waits for Persephone

I sit on my balcony at dawn this morning and listen to the beautiful music provided by the birds returning from their winter sabbaticals; awakening a New Day! Spring is certainly on its way!

Demeter is waiting at the entrance of the Cave; it is Time for Persephone to leave her Lover Hades and come play in the Norther Hemisphere.

The Wheel turns and leaves another Winter behind. How many Winters have I journeyed through? How many came during Springs and Summers? Those times when the Light had gone out; and every thing felt Dead. But then again, there were Winters that bloomed with Freshness, Hope and Vitality!

This Turning feels a bit different. Like Demeter, I have grieved the Losses in my life; like Demter I searched the world over for that which will bring the Beauty, the Growth, the Warmth back into my Life! Like Demeter, I waited at the Cave for my Maiden Self to reemerge so I can run free in the Fields, letting my hair blow in the breeze; accepting the soft kisses of the Sun on my face and accepting the Joy in my Heart!

Like Demeter, I stand at the entrance of Death and know that there is Life encased in the Womb of Gaia. It is all as it should be; this Turning of the Wheel!

In 4 days, Persephone will emerge and join hands with her loving faithful Mother and they will wander this part of the Planet. Persephone will give Birth to Summer and Demeter will be a Grandmother. The Triple Goddess will sweetly complete the Divine Feminine Circle.

I honor this Turning as I put to rest those parts of MySelf that need to die and stand at the Os of the Womb as new Parts of MySelf are birthed bringing new Fields to run through, new buds to watch open and new Life to grow and bring Hope and Beauty into the World!

So mote it be with me and with you!

Blessed be!

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  1. You are wise and beautiful my Sister..thank you. I too long for's sure taking it's time getting here LOL. Love you!