Tuesday, March 19, 2013

In celebration of the last day of Winter

While the North East parts of the United States are enjoying a last day of Winter with snow, the South is saying good bye by dressing up and celebrating!

Yesterday it seemed that the Gaia was still in hibernation, but today many of the flowering trees and bushes have put on their best clothes for the last day of Winter. Bartlett Pear trees burst into their beautiful white flowers, Forsythia welcomed the warm weather with their yellow blooms and the spring flowers are pushing through the moist soil trying to beat out each other for the first appearance of Spring!

Gaia is telling us that She her Pregnancy is coming to an end and She invites us to watch as She Births forth new life and beauty into a world that has been without color it seems since the Fall!

But it is Time She cries out! Listen to Her birthing moans! If you are quiet you can hear the flowers and leaf buds pushing through the birth canals of each plant. You can hear the seeds cracking open under the earth and if you are really really silent you can feel the movement of the earth worms as they begin to wiggle their way out of their Earth Womb and into the light.

  Gaia is birthing, birthing, birthing with all her might and yet for most people, they just move through their day thinking of the next bill to pay, the next car pool to run, or the next argument that awaits them at home.

Gaia begs us to Stop, Look, Listen (hey, we learned that in Kindergarten didn't we?). She does everything She can to get our attention! She dresses up; She sends thunder and lightening; and She prepares the soil for crops to begin to grow so we can be fed!

Thank you Winter for your message of Resting; of Pregnancy; of Waiting! Thank you Winter for preparing us to birth that which we contemplated during our own Hibernation. Thank you Winter for being there in so many ways and forms. Thank you for reminding us that you will be there waiting for us in 9 months!

Good bye Winter!

Hello Spring!

May we all stop, look and listen just for a moment and honor Winter's presence in our lives!

Aho and Blessed be!

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  1. You have written a beautiful greeting message to our great Mother. Gaia awaits our bear feet upon her earthy body and delights in swirling flowers through our hair. Your description of her birthing causes much anticipation for the birth. You are one month ahead of us down there in South Carolina. Can't wait to see Roanoke in full bloom.

    PS: Love the pictures too~