Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sometimes there's a pause in the growth

It's been a week since I took a walk in my Forest. The last time it was warm and every thing seemed to be bursting forth with new growth.

Today it seemed that nothing had progressed. I stood in the midst of the "winter looking" forest with the growth exactly as it was a week ago and asked Gaia, "What is going on?"

And She said: "The weather turned cold. Sometimes there's a pause in Growth."

Just like us human be-ings! All of a sudden this amazing growth begins; right after we have weathered a very long and stormy winter time in our development; and wham; it stops. We see the buds of growth and then nothing. And we get very frustrated. What is going on we ask?

Well, Gaia spoke Her Lesson today in very visible ways. Sometimes there's a pause in growth. Maybe it's because we hit a cold spell and have to wait until the warmth returns. Sometimes we have moved way faster than the Growth can happen and so we have to pause and let the Growth catch up to us. And sometimes we have to catch up to the Growth.

When that happens to me; I remember to sit and wait. I remember to be patient and trust that while I wait Goddess is stirring up more Growth to come. But it is always in Her Time!

It's Spring! The Wheel is Turning! Watch and Wait and then Sprout like crazy!

Aho and Blessed be!

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